Learn how to access your intuition ‘on demand’

I was introduced to dowsing (a way to access intuition) many years ago and only dabbled in it at first. Maybe because I didn’t realize the extent and depth to which it can be applied.

Now, dowsing is definitely an integral part of my life and a tool I use with any major (and minor) decision I have to make. I can even say it has been a life and money saver on many occasions.

Learn how to dowse by applying the dowsing principals discussed here. By practicing the art of dowsing you will be able to access your intuition anytime you need to make a better decision.

What is Dowsing?

Dowsing is a way to access information that is not necessarily available to the rational mind. Although it is not what one would call a psychic ability, it is a focused way of accessing your intuition, on-demand.

Many people are aware of dowsing tools such as the pendulum or the L rods, however, there are a lot of misconceptions. These tools only act as amplifiers of the answer that is emerging from within you.

Because I find tools cumbersome most of the time (although useful in particular areas of dowsing), I will focus on showing you how to get the answers directly from your body.

Everyone can learn this skill and as with any skills, the more you practice and perfect this art, the more accurate your answers will be and the more you will be able to trust the answers you get.

Getting started

There are a few essentials that will help you have a positive and fun first experience.

Try to remove all expectations. An often overlooked point to consider is to pay attention to very subtle sensations, one that could easily be unrecognizable or that some would even find silly.

Physiologists say that first impressions are lasting impressions. The reason is that the first impression is what influences the next impression of the same nature. It then becomes the foundation for all future reactions in this area.

If you have a positive experience, this influences future responses.

If you have a negative, not sure, questioning, fearful, embarrassing experience or failure, then this will have both conscious and subconscious future influences.

First impressions can be overcome, but only with strong determination.

So, let’s prepare a great first dowsing experience by

  • Get a journal
  • Finding a quiet place with no distraction
  • Allowing yourself plenty of time
  • Stay open, curious, and have fun
  • Believe you can do it, that you have an innate ability that just needs to awaken
  • Pay attention to all the subtle sensations of your body
  • Remain neutral. Do not expect a particular answer.


For me, accessing my intuition is a sacred act and I encourage you to have the same kind of reverence. Don’t fool with it or try to show off, this attitude doesn’t’ allow you to move into the dowsing state that gives you the correct answers, but the answers you want to have.

When our intention is to connect with our spirit and our Higher Self, we have to put the ego aside. The ego has vested interest in certain answers and outcome. It has bias and preconceived ideas. It has filters and judgments. Try moving all those aspects aside.

Here are a few guidelines to respect when you are asking questions:

  • Asking questions regarding someone else requires their permission (don’t pry).
  • Don’t use these methods to: show off, be greedy or demanding, to play lie-detector, or to rely on the answers exclusively.
  • If you’re having a bad day or feel sick, wait until you are physically, emotionally, and mentally clearer.
  • Stay hydrated. If you’re having off answers, try drinking a full glass of water before continuing.
  • Be open and receptive to the truth, even if it’s not what you want to hear.
  • Give thanks 🙂
  • If you are having a hard time and don’t seem to get the answers right, take a break for a while and ask yourself why you might be facing obstacles.

When you are ready to give it another try, make sure you are well grounded and that you feel good. The way you show up can determine the outcome of the session.

Do not ask from a place of fear and tension, but from an open and curious space.

“Open your thoughts to the probability that you are more intuitive than you realize” ― Sylvia Clare

Warm Up Exercise

Let’s start by taking some deep breath and shifting our attention to our heart space.

This allows you to come to a place of center, to realign yourself with your body and spirit.

Once you feel relaxed, think about something you absolutely love. Something that brings you joy and makes you smile. Imagine it with every sense. See it, taste it, touch it, hear it. Bring your body into your imagination process and notice how it feels in your physical body.

Write down in your journal, all the sensations that you felt. Don’t discount anything that came up.

Now, go back into that centering space and think about something that brings deep sadness or anger. Once again, bring your whole body into this imagining process and notice the sensations that come up in your physical body.

Write down in your journal, what you felt and where you felt it.

Notice the difference between both experiences.

Dowsing with your body

‘The only real valuable thing is intuition.’ – Albert Einstein

Your body is a highly intelligent and sensory being. It collects, analyzes, organizes and remembers all information and experiences. You can communicate with your body, with your subconscious mind and with your ‘all-knowing self’ through your body.

The answers you get through dowsing are in the format of yes and no answers. However, once you practice the art of asking the right questions, you can gain deep information.

There are many ways to dowse using your body. The first method is a great one to start practicing feeling the answers emerging from within. It is called the body sway method.

Body Sway Method


  • Be in a quiet place away from distractions and sounds
  • Stand up, feet apart at shoulders width
  • Take some deep breaths to relax and be in your body
  • Try to focus on sensing your body and remain neutral. Do not expect a certain answer or outcome.
  • State your name as follow: My current name is _____________

What did you feel? How did your body move?

Write it down in your journal. How did it compare to the warm up exercise? Were some or all of the sensations similar?

Now, redo the exercise with a different name. So if your name is Jane, per example, say ‘My current name is Marie’.

What did you feel? How did your body move?

Write it down in your journal. How did it compare to the warm up exercise? Were some or all of the sensations similar?

For most people, when they state their correct name, their body will sway forward slightly (meaning ‘yes’). And when they state an incorrect name, their body will sway slightly backward (meaning ‘no’).

If you have experienced the whole exercise backward (your body gave you a ‘no’ answer when your statement was correct or vice versa) it may be because you are experiencing polarity reversal.

Drink a full glass of water and make sure you are in a good space mentally and emotionally. Then, do the exercise again to see if your body sensation agrees with the truth.

I will explain polarity reversal later in the guide.

With practice, you should start sensing the yes and no more rapidly. You can practice with statements such as your gender, your age, your career, the city you live in.

Muscle-Testing with Fingers

This next method will get you faster answers. It will also require some practice, so don’t get discouraged with your first few attempts.

Find the method that you prefer, but try practicing all of them, as having a backup method is a good idea.

dowsing with fingers loopsMethod 1 – Loops

Make two interlocking circles with your index finger and your thumb.

Apply the same amount of pressure in each loop.

Light to medium pressure is good. It shouldn’t hurt or be tiring.

Remember you want to feel the answer.

State your name: My current name is ____________. Then gently try pulling apart the two circles, keeping the same amount of pressure.

What happened? Did the loop stay strong? Did it break free?

The two loops should have stayed strong, not breaking apart. If that was not the case, make sure the pressure was the same in both loops.

Now state a name that is not yours: My current name is ________ (let’s say Jane). Then gently try pulling apart the two loops, keeping the same amount of pressure.

What happened? Did the loop stay strong? Did it break free?

The loops should have broken free from each other. If that was not the case, make sure the pressure what not too strong. It shouldn’t hurt your fingers. Remember to sense the answer.

You can also practice with yes / no statements.

State: ‘Show me a yes’.  State: ‘Show me a no’.

Try practicing with the least amount of pressure required to prevent injury or strain.

dowsing with fingers pry openMethod 2 – Pry open

Make one interlocking circle with your index finger and your thumb. Make a plier with your other hand’s index and thumb.

Insert the plier in the loop. Try prying open the loop by opening the plier. Apply light to medium pressure. It shouldn’t hurt or be tiring.

Remember, we want to feel the answer.

State your name: My current name is ____________. Then gently open the plier.

What happened? Did the loop stay strong? Did it break free?

The loop should have stayed strong, not breaking apart. If that was not the case, make sure the pressure appropriate.

Now state another name than yours: My current name is _______ (let’s say Jane). Then gently try prying apart the loop, using the same amount of pressure.

What happened? Did the loop stay strong? Did it break free?

The loop should have broken free. If that was not the case, make sure the pressure what not too strong. It shouldn’t hurt your fingers. Remember to sense the answer.

Try practicing with the least amount of pressure required to prevent injury or strain.

Method 3 – Blink Dowsing

This is my favorite method as it can be used anywhere, without anyone noticing and allows your hands to be free.

Go into your dowsing state and ask to be shown what your ‘yes’ is with blink dowsing, and what your ‘no’ is.

Say ‘show me yes’ – then observed what your eyes do.

Say ‘show me no’ – then observed what your eyes do.

It might be different for each person. I get 1 blink for yes and 2 blinks for no.

Others get a longer blink or no blink at all, for either yes or no.

The Art of Asking Better Questions

”I cannot expect even my own art to provide all of the answers – only to hope it keeps asking the right questions.” – Grace Hartigan

The way you ask questions to your Higher Self through dowsing or other intuitive method is a fine art. Choosing the appropriate words, understanding the scope of what you are asking, not assuming anything are important points to consider when formulating a question.

Always write down your question. It will help you focus on the question and not the answer. It will also help you revise where you went wrong if your answer seems to be wrong. And once you have a good question, you can reuse it again and again, without having to go through the same process. You will start building your database of questions.

Here are a few guidelines when forming a question:

  • Ensure that your question doesn’t have more than one meaning or room for misinterpretation.
  • Ensure the words you are using don’t have more than one meaning. Avoid jargon.
  • Know your intention and goals. If you want to lose 10 pounds fast, it might not be comfortable and it might not be ‘lasting’. You could lose weight by being really sick, which is probably not your goal.
  • Be as specific as possible. Using words such as ‘big’, ‘small’, ‘good’ etc. are subjective words. Use scale, timing, and amount when appropriate.
  • A good question includes how, what, where, when, who, why and how much (as needed)
  • Avoid using the word ‘should’
  • If the question is too long, break it down or ask a string of questions. Always try to go deeper into the questioning.
  • Write in the present tense.
  • Avoid using jargon. Your question should be easily understood yet be long enough to be clear and specific.
  • Always write your question down

A good general question might be formulated as such:

My requirements are for a multivitamin that is well balanced for the needs of my body, easily digestible and greatly absorbed by my body, that contains no allergens to me and is effective in supporting my optimal health when taken as directed. Are there one or more brands of multivitamins in this store that corresponds to these requirements?

If you have a certain budget that you need to follow, you would also have to add that the maximum price you are willing to pay so it may not exceed your budget.

If you get a ‘no’ answer, you could ask if you could find such multivitamin in a different store.

If you get a ‘yes’ answer, then you could ask on which shelf is located the product and then dowse which one it is.

If you get that there are 3 different brands that correspond to your criteria, you could then ask, which one, taking everything into consideration, is the most optimal for your body.

An even better question would be to know exactly what optimal health means to you and what you are wanting your health to be and then see if a multivitamin would provide that. Specific goals generate better answers than general goals.

Improving Neutrality

Being able to focus on the question and to remain neutral with the outcome is of great importance. It is called the dowsing state. You are trying to access your higher spirit, not get answers from your ego. In order to do that, you must connect to the quiet space within and come from a detached placed. You must also be willing to know the truth, no matter what kind of interest or outcome you want.

The dowsing state is the silent observing place after the question is asked and before the answer is received. It is a kind of silence, just watching and listening, without thinking, or even being aware of anything else, except the response.

At first, following these few tips will help you get into this dowsing state and help you improve your accuracy and build your confidence.

Try the following tips:

  • Be in a space with no distraction and no music.
  • Close your eyes to remove visual stimuli.
  • Put everything in your mind aside.
  • Imagine a ball of energy in your mind dropping down between your heart and your navel, in the pit of your stomach. This is your power center where your intuition resides.
  • Now, imagine breathing in and out from your heart. Focus on the middle of your chest and imagine your breath coming in through your heart and going out through your heart. Feel love enter your heart. This exercise helps in centering and going within.
  • Remember that obstacles or wrong answers contain lessons and opportunities to learn, don’t dismiss them or be too hard on yourself.
  • Know that your higher self is gentle and loving. If you are filled with judgmental and negative thoughts, you are probably getting answers from your ego instead of your higher self.

Other important considerations

I know it seems like hard work, but it can be so rewarding and empowering. When you are able to assess where you are, what you need and where to go, beyond the information that only your rational mind can give you, you can really improve your life.

Give yourself plenty of practice with simple things you can verify, but are not meaningless.

You can dowse, which menu item you would enjoy the most in a restaurant.

You can dowse when your plants need watering and how much, as well as the best location in your home or outside for their optimal health and well-being, considering the amount of sunlight and shade.

You can dowse which car mechanic in your town would be the most honest, reliable, affordable and knowledgeable to take care of your car or a particular issue it might have.

You can even dowse if installing the new software version of your phone will crash, prevent your most used app from working and even losing your data. I wish I had dowse that last time I upgraded my phone…

Keep a journal so you can reflect if your questions were formulated correctly, how and where it might have given you the right answer, but not the one you were looking for.

But please… do not dowse health issue or areas where it would be very difficult to remain neutral. It takes mastery to be detached from the outcome when you are the main subject of something of great importance.

‘The more you trust your intuition, the more empowered you become, the stronger you become, and the happier you become.’ – Gisele Bundchen

I hope you have enjoyed this guide and will be interested in applying what you have learned. This could help you improve your life and find the best options when having to make a decision. In any case, it is better than a guess.

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