Aura Reading & Photography

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What is an aura reading?

We all have an aura, a field of invisible energy, which surrounds our bodies. These energies show up as different colours, which can be captured with specialized equipment. My aura readings include an aura photograph, as well as a detailed report explaining your aura and spiritual health. 

How will an aura reading impact your life?

Aura readings give you a unique glimpse into your spiritual and energetic health, unlike any other modality. If you want to understand yourself better, and why your life may not feel aligned, an aura reading will give you the clarity you seek.

Once you understand your aura, you can take focused action to raise your vibration and reach higher states of harmony and peace in your daily life. Knowing exactly what state your energy and aura is in allows you to understand what steps must be taken, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, to heal yourself on multiple levels.

What’s included?

Each aura reading includes an aura photograph, a detailed 15-page report, a 5-minute real-time video reading, and a mini energy reading by me on the unresolved energies keeping you from your best self. 

Here’s what you’ll learn from your aura reading:

  • Your main aura colour and what this means
  • The general energies around you and what they mean
  • Your aura’s intensity 
  • Health levels of your chakras
  • Stress/relaxation levels
  • Your current energy level
  • Your ying-yang balance (masculine/feminine energy)
  • Overview of the distribution of energies between body, mind and spirit
  • Your emotional-energetic response to thoughts and feelings

All aura reading include a PDF version which will be emailed to you at no cost! This is to save the planet, and to give you a digital copy you can quickly access.

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