What is a medicine bundle?

A medicine bundle contains elements such as herbs, stones, symbols and supports someone’s ability to heal, perceive and have protection from unseen energies.

It’s a little pouch of elements that many Shamans and Medicine Woman carry close to their bodies.

However, anyone can make and carry their own little medicine pouch. When we wear or use something with a specific intention, we move our consciousness on our desire and enlist our whole being in its manifestation. It can be a piece of jewelry, a piece of clothing, or in that case a medicine bundle.

It’s about using these elements with a conscious desire and recognizing the power these elements carry energetically.

Choosing the purpose of your medicine bundle

First, you want to think about what you want your medicine bundle to help you with. Do you want more protection from the negativity of other people? Do you want relief and healing of a certain condition? Do you want more love and harmony? Or to bring out a certain trait or attitude?

Being clear with your goal will help you select the right elements for that purpose.

What can go in a medicine bundle?

Tumble stones & crystals with properties that support your goal and desires.

– Flowers, herbs, and spices can also be incorporated. Think rosebuds for love, cinnamon stick for passion, sage for protection, etc.

– Little trinkets or symbols can also be added. You can add charms or images such as a heart shape for love, animals for their specific strengths and qualities, angels for protection and reassurance, baby tooth for kids and family, etc.

– Colors also have their own properties and can enhance your medicine bundle. Red can be used for courage or passion, orange for creativity, yellow for motivation, green for healing, blue for communication and truth, violet for wisdom, etc.

Finding the right pouch

Think of how you will wear your bundle most of the time to choose the right fit and size. Do you want it hidden or seen? Do you want to wear it around your neck or your waist?

I suggest keeping it as light as possible if it’s going around your neck. Or as small as possible if you want to keep it in a pant pocket.

You may also keep in mind the type of clothing you usually wear (fitted or loose) if you wish to conceal it.

Assembling your medicine bundle

You can buy an already made pouch that has either a long cord to wear around your neck or a clip for the waist. Or you can make your own with a natural cloth such a 100% cotton or leather. Use two square shapes and sew 3 of the sides together. Or use one larger square and bring all corners in the middle and secure with a cord.

You can also design the outside of the pouch with embroidery, beads, feathers or other trinkets.

Don’t forget to regularly cleanse your medicine bundle with incense, on a rice bowl.

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