Intuition is clearer when there is no attachment to the information that comes through. However, receiving intuitive information for yourself or others can trigger a bunch of fears. And unfortunately, those fears prevent us from getting a clear message and often acting on it.
Here are three common fears that get activated when we are seeking to receive guidance.

Fear of causing harm

If you are on a more spiritual path, there might be an aspect of you that really wants to do good and help others.
At the same time, you might have made a few mistakes in some other life you are trying to avoid in this one.
The fear of causing harm really affected my healing practice when I first started offering my services. I had caused the death of many people as a priest in a previous life from what I had said and the memory and related emotions were still imprinted in my cells. This fear clouded the information I was receiving and sharing. And contributed to my fear of saying the wrong thing.
You must be diligent to ensure you are using your intuition ethically and with discernment. However, releasing trauma around past mistakes will help you receive clearer intuitive guidance.

Fear of making a mistake

You may have been telling a few truths in your childhood that were not received very well. Not because they were not accurate, but because they were! However, not everyone is ready to hear the truth.
Your parents or teachers may have punished or scorned you for your intuitive abilities. You may have been told that you were mistaken or what you said or saw was not true. And in turn, made the false associations that you were wrong about you knew to be true. Or even bad for having these skills!

Fear of being wrong

The need to belong is not just because we are social creatures.
There is a primal survival program in our system. By system, I mean our mind and body, the vehicle that allows our Soul to have this experience here.
This system has developed and fine-tuned itself over many many centuries. And even though, we are not cavewomen anymore, needing each other to survive, the system still carries the program of belonging to a group to ensure survival.
So there is a deep-seated fear of being wrong in most of us. Because when we are wrong or when we make a mistake or when we do something that is unacceptable according to the group, there is a chance of being rejected.
And our survival program has a hard time with the possibility or the appearance of rejection. Because there is a rule in our system that goes along the lines of ‘If the group rejects me, I will be on my own. You can’t ‘make it’ on your own, so you might die. If I am rejected I might die’.

Why understanding our fears is important

Becoming aware of the fears we hold is the first step in shifting them. Examples around us that disprove the fears and the underlying beliefs related to these fears can also lessen their effect.
Of course, stretching our comfort zone and taking risks build confidence in ourselves and our intuitive abilities. Anytime you follow the guidance you receive and experience the benefits of doing so, you build confidence in your intuition and psychic skills. As you gain confidence, you open the channel wider so you can receive more and more.

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