• Mini Aura Balancing Workshop

    2 Lessons
    • Mini Aura Balancing Workshop - Original price was: $ 25.00.Current price is: $ 20.00.
      • USD: 14.57$

    COMING SOON Strengthen your auric field by clearing your Aura and balancing your chakras. Learn basic aura hygiene Learn what affects your energy and tips on improving those areas Learn how to strengthen centers that are imbalanced The positive and negative polarity of each chakra Supportive elements for each chakra : gemstones / essential oils ...

  • Space Clearing Workshop

    1 Lesson
    • Online Space Clearing Workshop - $ 50.00
      • USD: 36.43$

    You’d be surprised by the number of people who tell me that they feel strangely weighed down by the energy in their home or office. Something just “doesn’t feel quite right.” It’s not ideal – especially when those spaces are supposed to be a place of comfort, productivity and love. It’s time to clear out ...

  • Root Chakra Clearing - Preview

    6 Lessons

    Preview this course - (6 preview lessons)

  • Deep Chakra Clearing Program

    63 Lessons
    • Chakra Clearing Program - $ 97.00
      • USD: 70.67$

    Dive into deep personal healing through Chakra clearing work. Discover an effective step-by-step approach to working and clearing each of your Chakra for profound transformation.