The first and most important thing to do is get clear on what you want. This includes how you want to feel, how you want to live your life, and what you want to experience.

Your life right now is directly related to the energies that are present in your physical and energetic body. These energies have been accumulated over many lifetimes and experiences.

Mostly, these energies include fears and belief systems that have developed over time or been instilled from our parents, culture, religion, etc. Emotions we haven’t been able to process or that have been passed down from generations.

Often time, our space will reflect back to us these energies in overt or covert ways. And the objects that surround us or the way our place is maintained will help us identify what we unconsciously harbor.

Space clearing can help us invite new energies and experiences.

Clearing Clutter for New Experiences

How many things do you hold onto that symbolizes the opposite of what you are trying to achieve? We often say we want something, however, in reality, we demonstrate the opposite and that is what we are attracting.

Let say you want to increase abundance and prosperity, you need to look at what is in your space that represents lack or poverty. Maybe there are broken objects or really cheap looking stuff… perhaps the faucet drips or the sliding door sticks. Value doesn’t equal price here… it’s not because something is inexpensive that it’s cheap.

You want to evaluate how the object makes you feel and what it reminds you of. If it’s anything less than good, consider giving it away or selling it.

If you want a romantic partner, is your space inviting? Does it feel clean and comfortable? Does it display cherished objects representing your personal interests, hobbies, and passions? Would someone want to move in with you? Is there space for them in your home? Or does it scream single bachelor on the move, not looking for commitment?

Tieing Loose Ends. Deal with unfinished business

What is in your space that needs your attention. Something that you know you need to take care of, but for some reason you still haven’t dealt with yet.

Sometimes it’s been so long, we almost forget that we still need to tie those loose ends. However, there is usually something in your space that represents unfinished business.

Something might be linked to someone you still haven’t forgiven or you are still attached to. Or it could be paperwork you’ve been procrastinating or a project you abandoned mid-way.

In my case, for a long time, I had an incomplete divorce. The paperwork halted somewhere along the way and I put it aside. Even though I had finally reached an amicable separation, this was still an example of an unfinished business that kept me energetically tied to my ex. This tie kept me indirectly from being fully available to someone new.

Space Clearing – Practical exercises to invite new experiences

“As above, so below. As within, so without.”. Your external reality reflects your inner reality and vice versa. What you hold in your energy field will usually be found symbolically in your environment.

1 – Go on a treasure hunt, one room at a time, and sort through your stuff.

If you don’t use it or love it, consider donating or selling it.

2 – Does any object remind you of something you haven’t completed or accomplished? Decide what needs to be done in order to close this chapter. Add it to your to-do list or your agenda to make sure you are taking steps toward wrapping up the situation.

3 – Rearrange your space so it attracts what you want. The more your space feels like you already have what you want, the more it will draw those frequencies to you.

If you are looking to attract love, arrange your space in a way that someone in a relationship would. Have a spare toothbrush, free space in your closet or drawer, etc.

If you are looking to increase prosperity, design a space in your home to feel rich and luxurious… add candles, cushions, textures, beautiful art, etc.

If you want to increase your health, arrange your space as a retreat center or spa would. Make it calming, healing, and comfortable. Include natural elements

Basic space clearing involves evaluating your space and modifying it according to what you want to achieve.

Smudge on a regular basis

smudging kit with sage and palo santoI believe smudging our home is as important as dusting. Might not be required every week, but one in a while it’s good to clear the air and the stagnant energies that get imprinted in our space.

Smudging is the burning of herbs, woods, or resins to purify and bless a space, an object or a person.

Smudging releases non-beneficial energies and emotions that have remained stuck in the space. It purifies the air. It calms the nervous system. It is a powerful ritual that helps us to let go.

Light a smudge stick and allow the flame to burn for 10-20 seconds, then blow the flame out. Using your hand or a feather (way cooler!), sweep the smoke around yourself and the space you are clearing. Move around the room, sweeping away all the non-beneficial energies out a door or window. Keep your smudge stick under a little dish (Abalone shell are very pretty for that) to catch ashes. Dowsing the stick in a bit of sand once you are done. Do not run it under water as it may be hard to light again for future use.

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