Deep Chakra Clearing Program

Dive into deep personal healing through Chakra clearing work. Discover an effective step-by-step approach to working and clearing each of your Chakra for profound transformation.

Learn how to pinpoint imbalances in each of your Chakra and to determine the dynamic, emotion or belief contributing to these imbalances.

Then you’ll be shown how to quickly transform and release those imbalances.

Your energy body determines how you feel and how people respond to, and large part of it has to do with the Chakra system. Learning how to heal the blocks and wounds trapped in your Chakra system can literally help you change your reality.

By releasing the underlying energies that contributes to the difficult aspects of your life, with time and persistence you can shift the blocks that hold you back, easily and naturally.

I have use these techniques to heal many aspects of myself and my life. And I use this method as part of the healing work I provide for clients.

In this program, you will:


  • The basic functions and purpose of each Chakra
  • Determine whether a Chakra is underactive, normal or overactive
  • Uncover

  • Determine the level of health of each Chakra
  • Get clarity on the non-beneficial dynamics inhibiting your full potential
  • Uncover subconscious beliefs that restricts your life
  • Pinpoint unresolved emotions imbalancing each of your Chakra
  • Heal

  • Release trapped energy from your Chakras
  • Perform spiritual healing for yourself through guided meditation

  • How to use the handouts

    Instructional video on how to use the handouts for beginner to more advanced practice

    Scanning Your Chakras

    Instructional video on how to scan your Chakras

    List of Beliefs

    List of 50 limiting beliefs commonly found in each Chakra

    Guided Meditations

    8 guided meditations. One for each Chakra + a general guided meditation

    Summary of Functions

    Overview of the Chakras, their related glands, organs, purpose, needs and physical symptoms

    Chakra Chart

    Body chart of the Chakra system for easy scanning

    Advanced Questioning

    Questions for deeper inquiry, allowing you to find even more blocks

    Journaling & Self-Care Worksheet

    Worksheet with writing prompts and self-care ritual ideas

    Non-beneficial dynamics

    List of dynamics and imbalances commonly found in each of the Chakra

    List of Emotions

    List of over 30 types of emotions commonly found in each Chakra

    Healing Scripts

    56 healing scripts + 1 general audio healing script

    Related Gemstones

    Related gemstones and essential oils to support their optimal function

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