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Shop our large collection of healing crystals, metaphysical products and more – all designed to help you find your path and awaken your higher self.

We offer a large selection of unique and high quality crystals and gemstones, bracelets, pendants, incense and smudge sticks, as well as organic teas. We can also help you select the right healing crystals for your needs and goals. Come in the store or shop online.

Amelie is such a sweet and welcoming soul. She was right with what crystal I needed and I will keep going back. The quality of the crystals there is amazing. – Corinne, British Columbia

Aura readings give you a unique glimpse into your spiritual and energetic health, unlike any other modality. If you want to understand yourself better, and why your life may not feel aligned, an aura reading will give you the clarity you seek.

Come to the store for a real-time aura reading and photography using the latest technology.

Taking care of your energy is a huge part of taking care of yourself. With spiritual energy healing,  I help you let go of what no longer serves you so you can reach your greatest, unrestricted potential – so you can make life choices that are in alignment with your Soul. In each session, I will work with you to clear layers of emotions, fear, and pain, so you can experience inner peace and clarity. Energy healing sessions are available in-person or though distance healing.

All I can say is I have been to many energy healers, Amelie’s treatment (from distance) was more powerful than many many other healers I’ve met. I’m excited to see the shifts and changes this brings to my life because I KNOW I had some major blockages moved. – Mia, Nova Scotia

I have experienced more peace and clarity in general after the sessions. Certain emotional blockages have been cleared. I have become more confident and assertive, saying no to people without feeling guilty. I have learned to love myself more, hon
our my own needs and feelings. Relationships with people have noticeably improved.
I am more compassionate and accepting towards myself and people. I have felt more energy and restful. Sleep pattern has also improved. – Victor
, British Columbia

Using a combination of Radionics, Rife and Scalar technologies, I can help you improve the state of your energetic and physical body so you may experience greater health.

These technologies generate a field of restorative life force energy to stimulate the harmonization and self-repair function of all cells.

This Chakra Clearing Program is an online, self-led course that will help you develop a deep, practical, and effective self-healing practice. Find serenity in your deepest self, stop negative thoughts, and become your best self.

This program equips people with a simple and transformative process designed to help you pinpoint and release unresolved emotions, limiting beliefs, and alleviate toxic dynamics.

Through this step-by-step guided program, you’ll be given daily practices and tools so that you can learn to both identify your blocks with precision, and release them effortlessly.

Explore the hidden realms of yourself and heal core hidden blocks so you can experience lasting inner peace, harmonious relationships and increased intuition.

During the past four years I took several workshops offered by Amelie. I was always satisfied and impressed by the depth and breadth of information provided with very practical applications attainable by anyone, no matter of previous experience. Furthermore, I was very excited to learn about the latest Chakra Balancing and Clearing Program. Amelie gathered her extensive knowledge and great healing experience to give us empowering tools for independent work on our spiritual development path.- Marta, British Columbia

Amethyst Heart with Stalactite Eye

$ 100.00$ 140.00

  • USD: 100.00$ - 140.00$

Out of Stock!

Amethyst Flame

$ 190.00

  • USD: 138.61$

Amethyst Heart

$ 70.00$ 95.00

  • USD: 70.00$ - 95.00$

Vetiver Smudge Stick

$ 18.00

  • USD: 13.13$

Herbs Sachet

$ 3.00$ 4.00

  • USD: 3.00$ - 4.00$

Copal Resin

$ 10.00$ 12.00

  • USD: 10.00$ - 12.00$

Patchouli Resin

$ 12.00

  • USD: 8.75$

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