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Amelie St-Pierre Energy Healing Vancouver

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“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” – Carl Jung

Are you ready for energetic healing? I can help you clear stuck emotions, fear and pain, so you can live with greater peace and clarity.

I help people uncover and let go of what no longer serves them so they can reach their greatest, unrestricted potential – to then more easily make life choices that are in alignment with their soul’s deepest desires and authenticity.

Along the spiritual journey we may become uncomfortably stuck in the middle of two realities: the life we currently have and the life we want – where we are vs where we want to be.

Self-help books, meditation, and personal development exercises may have helped a lot but have reached a limit. Stagnation sets in, limiting our ability to move ahead and heal further.

Recurring patterns and stagnation (which amplifies anxiety, overwhelm, and judging self harshly) are rarely rooted in the physical realms – our everyday experiences or our physical bodies. The root causes are almost always at the energetic and spiritual levels, which informs our physical reality – what we attract into our life experiences and how we react to those experiences.

Without addressing those underlying, unresolved energies and issues, we will continue to repeat the same patterns no matter how much we try to deny them. Just by trying to force positive thoughts or inappropriate emotions is not enough. Some of the most influential life forces stem from such things as: unresolved past-lives, spiritual vows, conception/birth dynamics, and defence/survival mechanisms. Such forces are extremely difficult to access or alter on one’s own. Stubborn aspects such as denial, self-judgment, and negative self-image also make it very difficult to access certain aspects of our deeper selves.

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Although everyone’s outcome from the energy healing sessions are unique, here are some of the tangible results that have been reported from clients:

We grow forward when the delights of growth and anxieties of safety are greater than the anxieties of growth and the delights of safety. - Abraham Maslow

The energies we hold in our personal fields are like the wind: they can’t be grasped or seen, but are a definitive force that can shape the landscape of our lives in erratic ways.

My work utilizes intuitive energy healing to release code hidden blocks and facilitates greater spiritual growth. I help people let go of what no longer serves them so they can reach their greatest, unrestricted potential – to then more easily make life choices that are in alignment with their soul’s deepest desires and authenticity.

Abraham Maslow describes that there are two powerful sets of forces within the human condition: a drive for growth and its opposing force, a drive for safety. In short, this opposing force leads us to defend our current self and to cling to safety out of fear of the unknown.

The force of safety keeps us where we are now, clinging to the past and afraid to take chances in order to improve our current conditions (internally and externally).

It’s your time now. Working with me will help you get to the root of your fears and pain, and help you release the layers of unresolved energies restricting your greater potential and well-being.

The healing process...

I have unique and personal method that I’ve honed over many years of practice on myself and successful work with others. Essentially I establish a connection with your Spirit and ask what is at the root of the specific issue(s) you are requesting help with. I perceive answers from various psychic senses, then I make necessary adjustments at the subtle energetic and spiritual levels of your being. I clear each non-beneficial energy (emotions, beliefs, fears and others) as they arise during this process. As a result, this type of spiritual healing work unfolds in layers and generally requires a minimum of 3 sessions to sense a shift. It’s like an onion – the more layers, the more work needed and possibly more time to resolve all the issues… sometimes the layers stink and make you cry, but the rewards in the end are so worth it!

Want to know more about Amelie, her approach and philosophy?

If you have reached a tipping point and are wanting to do something about recurring emotional patterns, limiting beliefs, constant stress and/or fears that keep you overwhelmed and in pain…

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I have experienced more peace and clarity in general after the sessions. Certain emotional blockages have been cleared. I have become more confident and assertive, saying no to people without feeling guilty. I have learned to love myself more, honour my own needs and feelings. Relationships with people have noticeably improved. I am more compassionate and accepting towards myself and people. I have felt more energy and restful. Sleep pattern has also improved. – Victor, British Columbia

You will never know if you don’t try! – Thank you to my friend for recommending Amelie. Thank you, Amelie, for working with me in your respectful and patient way. I have felt seen and heard with my struggle and always got answers to my questions if things were unclear to me. I appreciated that a lot. I feel a lot clearer, I also seem to handle emotional situations with more distance (= I can hop out of a vicious cycle of bad thoughts more easily than before). I am still awed at all the subtle changes in my life and I will still need more time to let everything settle a bit. Wow! Thanks! – Katrin, Germany

Very powerful internal shifts happened for me, which took such effort (and frustration) to chisel at myself. I feel as though a dense blanket, and fog like veil has been lifted from my heart and eyes. A lightness of being has returned after years of heaviness. My confidence, strength and joy has increased. I feel less pressure internally and more willingness/receptivity to a natural, unforced flow in my day-to-day life. You brought insight to things I did not have answers for, which helped birthed compassion and acceptance towards shadow parts of myself. – Kailey, British Columbia