Do you suffer from anxiety and low self-esteem?

Experience the peace you deserve and the self-acceptance you long for.

Through spiritual healing, I can help you clear unresolved emotions, fear and pain, so you can live with increased self-love, optimism and emotional resiliency.

Along the spiritual journey we may become uncomfortably stuck in the middle of two realities: the life we currently have and the life we want – where we are vs where we want to be.

Maybe you have talked your problems to death with no resolution. Or read self-help books, and done personal development work which have helped a lot but have reached a limit.

The root causes of our different issues are almost always at the energetic and spiritual levels, which informs our physical reality –> what we attract into our life experiences and how we react to those experiences.

Without addressing those underlying energies and dynamics, we will continue to repeat the same patterns no matter how much we try to deny them or push them away.

I am here to uncover what those hidden dynamics are and to help you break free from them.

Learn more about Amelie, her approach and philosophy

If you have reached a tipping point and are wanting to do something about recurring emotional patterns, limiting beliefs, constant stress and/or fears that keep you overwhelmed and in pain…

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