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Amelie St-Pierre - Intuitive Healer - Energy Healer

Hi! I’m Amelie and I own a quaint crystal and gemstone shop in Port Moody. My main gig is intuitive spiritual healing and I help people release core hidden blocks so they can experience more clarity and lasting inner peace. I love what I do because I can create quick and radical shifts for people on issues they sometimes have been trying to resolve for years.

I have helped myself through many difficult personal and life challenges, so I know first hand the power of spiritual healing.

I started doing healing approximately 10 years ago, leading workshops for about 5 years, and now have my own studio and store since 2016. It’s been an incredible journey of helping and serving people.

Below you will find the main information about the products and services I offer. And I look forward to connecting with you.

About crystals

I visited the store for my first time today and utterly loved it the moment I pulled into the parking spot. Not only is the studio nestled into beautiful surroundings, but the soothing energy as you walk through the door is so clear. Amelie helped me to find the crystals that I needed and really took the time to share her gift. ” – Quincillia

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About healing

If you’re like most of my clients, you may have forgotten about yourself along the way of being there for everyone else. You’ve tried to push pass your old wounds and make the best out of life, but you just don’t feel the inner peace and happiness you long to. 

If you’re ready to put yourself first and dive into clearing emotions, fear, and pain, click the links below to learn more about Amelie’s approach. Amelie works with people all over the world through distance healing as well as in-person at the Port Moody studio.

” After the sessions the unexplained sadness and melancholy I used to feel disappeared. I no longer feel held by the past and no longer feel unworthy. I found your attitude very professional and your healing and notes have helped me realize where I needed growth. Thank you.” – Eiman, Pakistan


2220 Vintner St. (end of the street to the right)

Port Moody, BC


Tuesday – Saturday : 11 AM – 5 PM

(Closed Sun-Mon)