Energy Enhancement Program

Using a combination of Radionics, Rife and Scalar technologies, I can help you improve the state of your energetic and physical body so you may experience greater health.

These technologies generate a field of restorative life force energy to stimulate the harmonization and self-repair function of all cells.

Benefits include :

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Increased energy
  • Stimulation of natural healing mechanism for cell repair
  • Normalization of blood pressure
  • Increased immune function
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Promotion of nutritional intake, blood circulation, and body detoxification
  • Alleviation of pain

The sessions are conducted remotely meaning you can access this healing from anywhere in the world. 

What is Scalar Light?

Scalar Light is omnipresent and serves as the carrier wave of all intelligence and information in the Universe.

Scalar Light is the animating life force of all spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical activity in the Universe.

All scalar light sessions administer non-physical scalar light upon the person. Scalar light will not interfere with any medical, chiropractic, homeopathic, nutritional or exercise regimen. The scalar light sessions are informational, not biological in character. In practice, the scalar light sessions influence the scalar light force fields of people.

What is Rife Frequency Healing?

Frequency healing is transmitting back to the disease the same electronic “vibratory rate” it is transmitting. It causes the micro-organisms at the root of many ailments to burst and to be destroyed.

You can view it in action here:

What is included in the energy enhancement package

  • Detoxification of heavy metals, chemtrails, plastics, parasites, and other pathogens
  • Stimulation of the healthy function of organ and glands, circulation, lymphatic system and nervous system
  • Absorption and proper assimilation of vitamins and minerals, as well as cell salts
  • Dental health
  • Balancing of the Aura and Chakras

Your enrolment in the program lasts 3.5 months

Adds-on programs :

  • Longevity and beauty (skin toning and elasticity, collagen building, erasing wrinkles, etc.)
  • Releasing negative thoughts and balancing of mood
  • Reducing viral load, including Lyme
  • Biofeedback sessions – in-person only (the program will detect the top 20 frequencies that cause a stress response in your body and then target those frequencies to disharm and expel them.)


The lower back pain I experienced recently subsided so much faster after using the biofeedback machine Amelie put me on that I could hardly believe I was able to return to my regular routine only after a couple of days. Having experienced similar episodes in the past, with just rest and alternating cold and hot therapy, I would normally recover in one to two weeks, but now introducing this new healing modality for me, the suffering and recovery time were significantly reduced! Much appreciated, Amelie! – Peter


I received some biofeedback sessions from Amelie for some bladder pain that I had been experiencing from Oct 2023 – Spring of 2024. I did 1 session a week for a few weeks in a row and it was remarkable how much it helped me recover.
In addition, Amelie had very good, practical advice of some simple changes I could try to incorporate into my life to help the situation. Wise woman! I will return for some maintenance upkeep sessions.
Thank you for your help!
– Christa


Other FAQ

1 – Will I feel the Scalar and Rife frequency?

Some people feel when the detox session starts by the the shift of their bowel movements. However, many people do not feel the scalar energy sessions as the energy is subtle. The beneficial results of these frequency energy sessions are what people feel and appreciate.

2 – Do I need to make special provisions during the program?

No. Continue living a normal, healthy life as these frequencies will not interrupt your lifestyle. Wherever you go, it reaches you.

3 – How long will I need to be on the program?

Everyone is unique, people with long standing chronic issue may need to be on the program for a longer time until noticing the changes in their body. I see this program as stacking the deck towards my health and as something that assist me living and thriving in a polluted, toxic, depleted environment with less negative effects.

The Scalar and biofeedback sessions with Amelie are amazing. The difference you feel in your body and mood are immediate (and pretty amazing, to be honest). And, if you’re looking to affect real change in your body and life, I highly recommend the spiritual healing sessions with her. She’s the real deal. Don’t waste your time with anyone else. – Emily, British Columbia

The Energy Enhancement Program starts every first day of the month. Start feeling your best and accelerate your healing journey today.