In this post, tools on how to develop intuition will be introduced and how to clear the pathways for clearer insights.

Intuition is innate to everyone. There are many ways to develop your intuition. And many valid methods to help you tap into your intuition. Some may work for you and some not. So it’s important not to give up until you find the method that works for you.

Each one of us is unique and has different levels of perception. Some may have great visioning skills and see detailed scenes and pictures. Some others can hear guidance being spoken or sent as a thought-form. Many can feel and just know something.

All these different skills are wonderful, amazing and can help you step into a fuller life. It can help you make better decisions. It can help you assess people and situations better. And it can bring a sense of inner peace as you learn to see beyond the physical reality and explore deeper truths.

Intuition is innate, but it needs to be developed.

It’s the difference between a child who can draw beautifully and the one who becomes an artist. Or the person who has a talent for music and another who practices for hours every week.

Mastering this ability takes dedication to the practice and application of the information.

What is intuition

There are many ways we perceive information, but we’ve learned to focus on what we can see, touch, smell, taste or hear.

Information can be received through dreams, daydreaming, sensations such as a change in temperature, palpitation, tightness or lightness, etc. It can also come as thoughts, impressions, visions, emotions, and knowing.

There are different levels of intuition. The basic level is more of a gut feeling. It is the intuition that keeps us safe.

More refine levels of intuition can increase integrity, self-awareness, and divine guidance.

When we tap into this level of awareness, we stop living from a place of powerlessness towards the current and ebb and flow of life. We acquire a sense of resilience and confidence that we are the driving force of our vehicle and life direction.

Thinking back to times when you had an intuitive hit that got confirmed, can you remember how you received that information? Did you follow through?

When actively seeking clarity over a question, how do you usually receive the answer?

Key elements to develop clearer intuition

There are a few elements that assist in gaining clear and accurate information. My philosophy though is to work from where you are and make the changes that you can. There is no point in working against your body if you are only going to create more resistance.

So don’t get discouraged if you are having difficulty changing habits in any of these areas. Do what you can in each moment. Ask for help if you need to, and get the right kind of support.

1 – Nutrition


I have found that the state of a person’s body and mind affects how accurate the intuitive information is received. Food and nutrition greatly affect our state of mind and body, so we must pay attention to what we put in our body.
Although I am not a proponent of any particular diet, eating nutrient-dense food and reducing the amount of processed food you consume helps your body function optimally. Your body is the vessel through which you access and express your spirit. Treating it with love and respect will positively affect all areas of your life.
Some people only promote raw and or vegan diet, but I do think it depends on each person and what their body needs. There are people who need some meat in their diet to help them ground while others are negatively affected by the frequency of meat.

Paying attention to how you feel when you eat certain food will help you pinpoint which diet might be best for you.


Keeping yourself hydrated is also key to receiving body signals. My feeling about this is that our body comprises mostly of water. Since water is conductant, the information travels more easily when it is abundant and balanced within the body.


Electrolytes also seem to play an important role. Electrolytes, in particular, regulate the heartbeat. A strong regular heartbeat helps to maintain and strengthen the electromagnetic field. A strong electromagnetic field is also key to accurate intuition. Electrolytes are found in fruits and vegetables, especially greens ones, squash, tomatoes, bananas, beans/lentils, and coconut water.

2 – Self-Care


Getting enough quality sleep is key for physical and mental sharpness and agility. I need many hours of sleep. I used to feel guilty for not being able to get up at 5 am (but then, who said you need to get up at dawn to be spiritual anyways….). Again, work with where you are and do what works for you.

Electronics in the bedroom

Make sure your body is able to repair itself at night by minimizing sleep and energetic disruption.

Remove electronics from the bedroom and turn off your modem at night to reduce the impact of radiation and microwaves on your energy field.

In addition, you may take iodine supplements to help your body detoxify.

Grounding Pad

Adding a grounding pad to your bed may also be beneficial in reducing free radical build-up caused by electromagnetic waves, wifi and other types of radiation. Some people have found a grounding pad reduced chronic pain, inflammation, and tension. And helped them sleep better.


I also prefer 100% cotton sheets, which is better for grounding energies than polyester or mix fabric.


Exercising helps you be more in your body, which is necessary to feel what is going on.

Cardio type activities strengthen the electromagnetic field of the body. It also clear excess energies acquired from others.
A strong and cohesive electromagnetic field protects us from the detrimental frequencies in the environment. It also provides energetic stamina that helps us get things done and feel accomplished.
However, when the electromagnetic field of the body is weak, it feels like living on raw willpower. Or like adrenal exhaustion. Our motivation level is low and it’s hard to manifest anything.

Soul nourishment

Take time to nourish your Soul by doing things you enjoy, uplifts you and help you connect with your Divine self. Spending time doing joyful activities also strengthened the electromagnetic field.
What brings your joy? We are all different… Art/crafts, meditation, listening to uplighting music/playing music, prayer, journaling, reading, walking in nature, swimming, volunteering, connecting with supportive friends, etc.
In addition, classical music is also very nourishing to the Soul and provides quality frequencies that can raise your vibratory rate.
I have found that having a list of things I can do when I need to raise my mood or vibration is a great way to get myself out of a funk quickly. Read this post about creating your unique map to happiness:

Keys to clearer intuition3 – Environment

Physical Clutter

Our spaces is a reflection of our inner state of being. It reflects where and how we hold on to unresolved emotions or unproductive beliefs.

Look around your space and notice how the organization and the objects in your space symbolize a part of you or your life.

Let go of anything that doesn’t make you happy.

Detrimental frequencies – LED & fluorescent

I have found that LED and fluorescent lights are harmful to the energy body and the overall health of a person.
LED flickers at very high rates, putting you in trance and allowing your energy field to receive all sorts of broadcasts you may not be aware of (and that are not good for you). Remove this type of lighting from your house and any space you spend a considerable amount of time in is important. You can replace those lights with an incandescent or halogen light bulb which are not as harmful.

Cultural / Family Mindset

Everyone is subject to certain reality boxes that limit their potential. These reality boxes comprise all the beliefs, fears, unresolved traumas and wounds, superstitions, folk stories, etc.. that your parents, culture, religion adhered to. Even if you don’t consciously buy into the ideas, you would be surprised to discover they affect you a lot more than you realized.

So, go on a treasure hunt to find all the stories, expressions, and beliefs from your childhood that ridicule or fear intuition, psychic gifts, magic, miracles, etc…

When you think about your desire to develop and use your intuition, is there a little voice that comes up? What is it saying? Who are you hearing?

Static from People and Places

High-density cities produce more psychic static from people’s thoughts and emotions. Nature can be helpful in reducing that busy human energy. If possible, find a quiet and secluded place to go and spend a few hours to a few days. Do not bring any electronics and learn how to be with yourself.

Did you enjoy this article? Part 2 will be about the tools you can use to develop your intuition. how to develop intuition

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