Many people may not believe in curse or in their power, but I can assure you that most people who come in for a session are under the effect of one or more curses.

It can affect their health and ability to heal, their finances and good fortunes, their love life and relationships and much more. In essence, curses diminish free-will.

What is a curse?

A curse is a type of negative energy that is or has been directed at something or someone with the intention of causing harm or misfortune.

In many dictionaries the word curse is described in two ways:

  • a prayer or invocation for harm or injury to come upon one
  • an offensive word that people say when they are angry

Both of these definitions are incomplete when taken individually. The invocation may only be successful with a certain amount of power, which is usually gathered through intense emotions such as anger. The anger needs to be directed in a certain way or through a specific intention in order to achieve a specific outcome. Consequently, the recipient continually energizes the curse with his or her own resonating thoughts and emotions.

In this series, I will touch on 3 types of curses I have seen many times in my work:

1) the curse by proxy

2) the inherited curse

3) the directed curse

1) The curse by proxy

This is when you are affected by a curse that hasn’t necessarily been directed at you.

The curse might be in a space, on a land or even saturated on an object.

It may affect the building, the transactions, the relationships that occur on the premises and much more.

Or you can actually pick it up and carry its energy in your own field.

Mass-produced merchandise

I’ve had a few clients who had curses affecting their business from objects that were saturated by a dense negative energy. I sensed in both these cases that this energy was from the poor working conditions of the person who had made the object.

For example, items made in countries that overwork and mistreat their workers most often don’t emit high, positive, healthy vibes.

Even the cute products can have a deceiving nature and have very detrimental effect on their owners.

Land Curse

I have also discovered curses on some parcels of land. In one of my recent case, there has been a ‘food shortage’ curse put on the land about a hundred years ago. I believe it must have been an agricultural area before. Even though the person living on that land now had enough to eat and wasn’t growing food, it was certainly affecting her finances. Since we often equate food with money, cursing one definitely affects the other.

Guarding Curse

Here is an interesting anecdote for your consideration. My friend who is an antique and jewelry dealer was telling me about a story that happened to him 2 years ago. Someone had brought in a set of over 300 yrs old religious urn and cups set on a platter. My friend bought the urn reluctantly but decided not to buy and cups. The person then decided to give him the cups for free, but my friend felt ‘off’ and decided to decline the gift. The urn was put on auction until the police showed up and told my friend that it had been stolen from the church. A few weeks later, the sister of the guy who had stolen those religious items came in his shop and told him that her brother had been found dead in his bed. He was young and they hadn’t found the cause of his death. I cannot say for sure that it was the result of a curse, however it felt to me like it had been the case.

What can you do?

First, be careful what you bring in your home. Some dollar store items, mass produced objects, vintage goods and thrift finds can be a source of toxic energy. I would certainly avoid purchasing anything that feels ‘off’. The energy of a curse can feel like a cold wind blowing through your heart.

If you believe you may be affected by a curse, find a professional who can help you neutralize it. There are many types of curses and many ways to handle them. It is very important never to send the curse back, as it will only create a negative karma for yourself.

Understanding that we have all been at fault in our life for sending toxic emotions in a moment of unawareness and emotional turmoil can help us have compassion for others who are probably unaware of the effect of their words.

In part 2 and 3 of this series, I will explain the inherited and directed curse.

I’d love to hear from you. Did this post bring a new light into what you believed about curses?

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