The last type of curse to be explained in this series is the direct curse. These types of curses are consciously or unconsciously directed at someone or something. Let’s first reiterate what a curse is.

What are curses?

Curses are a type of negative energy that is or has been directed at something or someone with the intention of causing harm or misfortune.

In many dictionaries the word curse is described in two ways :

– a prayer or invocation for harm or injury to come upon one

– an offensive word that people say when they are angry

Both of these definitions are incomplete when taken individually. The invocation may only be successful with a certain amount of power, which is usually gathered through intense emotions such as anger. The anger needs to be directed in a certain way or through a specific intention in order to achieve a specific outcome. Consequently, the recipient continually energizes the curse with his or her own resonating thoughts and emotions.

How curses gather power

Emotional Intensity

woman expressing angerThe most powerful curses are the ones that are charged with very dense and intense emotions such as fear, anger, rage, revenge,  disgust, jealousy. All the emotions that are low on the scale of emotions have the potential to empower the negative intention.

Because the frequency of these strong emotions moves slower, they stay within an energy field longer, attracting similar experiences to it.

Repeated Intent

An ill wish that is often repeated or brought to the forefront of someone attention is also empowering the negative intention on a regular basis.

Clarity of Intent

The clarity of the ill-wish also contributes to the intensity of the curse. Someone saying : ‘I wish him dead’ or ‘I wish her to get sick and die’ are very clear and powerful intentions directed at someone specific. Someone saying : ‘I wish something bad happens to her’ is still harmful but let powerful

Connection Between Sender & Receiver

A curse that is sent by a person you know and have developed a relationship with will be received much more easily than by a stranger. This is because we usually develop cords of energy with the person we have close contact with. A curse sent by a previous lover is probably going to have direct access through the energy cords that haven’t been transmuted when the relationship ended. However, a curse sent by a frustrated commuter as you merge in front won’t have this direct access to your energy field.

How curses are received

Not every curse that is directed at us ‘sticks’ to our energy field. And not every curse affects us for long periods of time. It all depends on many factors, including the power it has gathered from the sender and how receptive the receiver is.

There are many factors that enable curses to affect you and your life. Here are a few :

Your Emotional Baggage

If there are a lot of emotions trapped in your body, the ability of your body to repair and heal itself from disharmony is compromised. Your energy field is then susceptible to the noxious energy around you.

Your Beliefs

If you believe consciously and unconsciously thoughts such as you are powerless, that there are always bad things happening to you or that you don’t deserve (love, happiness, health, wealth, etc.) then you will attract those experiences. If the intent of a curse directed at you matches a belief you hold, then you will take it in as you agree that it applies to you.

Low Electromagnetic Field

The electromagnetic field around our body protects us from a lot of the mass consciousness that holds many beliefs such as mentioned previously. It protects us from absorbing the emotions and thoughts of others. When the electromagnetic field is strong outside energy ‘bounce back’ instead of letting energy in. When the electromagnetic field around our body is strong it’s an added protection layer to curses that may be directed at us.

How do you know if you are being affected by a curse?

Since your body contains all the information related to you (and much more), there is a way to ask your body that exact question. Is there a curse affecting me or my life? The trick is to know how to listen to the cues of your body. We all have within us different senses which lay dormant that can be awaken by learning how and by practicing.

One of the ways I learned how to access the information contained in my body is through the art of dowsing. Download my free guide below to learn how to talk to your body and dowse.


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