Back in March I did a vision quest to help me get to the root of some issues I couldn’t seem to let go of.

I also felt I needed time away by myself to connect with nature and her teachings.

You do not need to go far away for that, it’s just easier to do when not distracted by to-do lists and imbued by other people’s energy.

I spending the day by a lake in a remote area. I really had a great time absorbing the scenery, being awed by the beauty of the landscape and the peaceful rhythmic sound of the waves on the pebble beach.

I even received my own power song from spirit. —> A personal power song can help you ground, focus, and connect you with spirit. It can also have healing properties. It is a song meant for you with a unique vibration that resonates with your soul.

But the most powerful insight I got was on my way back home. And it’s something I did not expect in the least.

It is simple, childish, fun and humorous but oh so right! It can lift you up in moments of despair and put a smile on your face when life gets too serious.

My biggest take away from my vision quest and the last insight I received from spirit that day was :

Life is like a hokey pokey dance.

Life is a continual step forward and back, going around in circles and realizing that in the end nothing is really that important so try to just have fun with it!

Said like this, it might seem ‘light’ (and it is), however, there is also a profound and deeply layered meaning to this imagery that is difficult for me to express with words.

You may want to journey (meditate) on that insight and see how it applies in your life.

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