Following the first blog of this series, I explain 3 types of inherited curses that can affect people’s life on different levels. To recap what a curse energy is, you can read part 1.

In short, a curse is a type of negative energy that is or has been directed at something or someone with the intention of causing harm or misfortune.

Family and Inherited Curse

In times or in cultures when ‘curses’ were more prominent (meaning, when their powers were acknowledged and even sought out), people or families who felt wronged might have cursed an individual or a whole family as a way to get revenge.

Part of the intention might have been that the whole lineage of the person or the ‘family name’ reaped some sort of punishment.

A lot of our ‘baggage’ is passed down from our ancestors through our DNA, which contains all the information about our spirit journey and our ancestral lineage. We can inherit emotions, beliefs, and energies such as a curse.

However, you must understand that someone cannot activate the energy of a curse unless they have a matching attracting energy, mainly at the mental level, such as a subconscious belief.

So, the descendants of the person that were cursed can only ‘receive/activate’ the curse if they have the proper energy magnet in their energy field.

Which is why sometimes a curse will skip a generation or spare some family members.

Past-life Curse

For the same reasons mentioned previously, you may have been the recipient of a curse in a previous life, which you may still be under the effect of. All of our experiences as Soul are recorded in our Akashic records. Not all experiences or energies are prominent in our current incarnation, however, all the information is found within your body.

You might also have cursed your own self in another life for something you did wrong (or perceived you did wrong). This still may be influencing or preventing you to acquire what you desire in your life right now, such as wealth, health, a spouse, children, etc.

How You Can Balance This Energy

Forgiveness of yourself and others is one of the most powerful step you can take to transform the energy of curse into love.

I personally completely disagree with sending a curse back. By doing so, you are only perpetuating the same kind of energy. By raising above how wrong you feel you are helping, not only yourself but the whole planet.

When I transform the energy of a curse, I like to hold the person who sent it in an energy of unconditional love and forgiveness.

Allowing yourself to have what you truly desire is also very important. Often times we don’t believe we deserve to have all the good things life has to offer. We don’t allow ourselves these experiences for fear of judgment of others, fear of losing what we just gained, etc.

We can all find opposing examples to shatter those pesky restrictive beliefs. This exercise can help you shift feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness. We all have the power to choose what we agree with or not, at least at the conscious level.

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