This post is intended for people interested in increasing their perception and sensation of energy.

So how can you feel energy? First, it does take practice. Practicing meditation also allows for a quieter mind and an increasing awareness of energy.

However, my best tip to accelerate the process is to be in your heart space and increase your level of self-love.

What do I mean by being in your heart space? Here is my 4 steps (+1 tip) practice on how to be in my heart space:

1 – Bring your attention to your physical heart by (feeling/imagining):

  • Bringing your mental awareness to the heart area
  • Putting your hands on your chest
  • Feeling your heart inside your chest

2 – Breathe in and out through your heart by:

  • Imagining your breath coming in and out through your heart
  • Visualizing yourself expanding and becoming bigger than your physical body as your chest expands

3 – Notice the sensations that are emerging as you practice step 2 and 3. You might feel different things such as:

  • Change in temperature – hot / cold
  • Tingling or pins & needles
  • Lightness / density
  • Color, sound
  • Breeze or wave-like sensation

4 – Practice loving and complimenting yourself more. If you feel unlovable, undeserving of love or shrink at the thought of loving yourself, think of one thing (as insignificant as it feels) why to love yourself.

5 – Practice this exercise in nature or in water (bath) to intensify the perception. I always find that connecting to nature or to an element (water, fire, air, earth, etc.) helps to increase my perception of the energy around and inside me. I love to meditate in the bathtub for this reason.

I personally do this exercise 15 minutes every day as I wake up and also as I go to bed.

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