There is something I love about the holidays besides the spirit & magic of Christmas. It’s the way we can have deep & insightful knowledge about what we need to heal or come to terms with, in our lives.

There is nothing like family drama, overwhelm, guilt for giving or not, spending more than we can, drowning our sorrows in wine & chocolate, etc. to help us understand and see what is at the root of those triggers.

Of course, we always have the choice to let the triggers simmer & fester or take the time to observe :

– What is the (true) emotion behind the trigger

– What does it remind us of

– How this may be showing up in other areas of our lives

– When did we feel this way for the first time

– How does this reflect the way we may be treating ourselves in the same way

I invite you, over the holiday season and beyond, to make note of these triggers and go through the previous questions as soon as you have a quiet moment for yourself.

Take some time in the evening, not only to count your blessings but recall any strong emotions felt that day and look deeper into the message it has for you.

This will require you to listen to the small voice within trying to get your attention. As the information comes up, just acknowledge them, love yourself no matter how you feel or how this emotion makes you feel, thank it, and let it go.

Wishing you a smooth, (self) loving and wonderful holiday season. May your heart radiate peace & joy.

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Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels