A traditional Vision Quest is taken by young indigenous boys as a rite of passage into adulthood. It is meant to guide them to the next step of their life and to fill them with courage and strength.

Without taking away the depth and importance of this ceremony, we can draw upon the principle of the Vision Quest to help us in times of transition or soul-searching.

Checklist for a safe one day Vision Quest

1 – Set Your Intention

What are the answers you are looking for? Which questions do you need to ask yourself to help you navigate what you are going through? Open-ended questions, such as who, how, why, where, are better than yes or no questions. Spirit will never tell you what to do, but can provide you with information not always readily available. Your intention and questions will determine the extent of the experience. Make sure you give this step plenty of time and attention.

2 – Set A Date

Even though the Vision Quest will be only a day long, you want to make sure you will have plenty of time to digest and integrate the experience. Allow yourself to contemplate over the following days and to receive more insights over the following weeks. You may want to keep the next day free of ‘to-do’, to just be.

3 – Location

Nature has many benefices and you will want to make sure you choose a place that is highly natural. A place with minimal human energy is best. However, make sure you feel safe. If you live in bear country, bring a can of bear spray and a whistle.

4 – Support

Again, safety should be your priority. Make sure you have a buddy that knows where you are and that can come to pick you up if need be. Give your buddy a check-in cut-off time. Meaning that you will call this person by a certain hour or she/he will have to come looking for you or contact appropriate help.

5 – Prepare Gears

During a Vision Quest, you will fast. However, make sure you stay hydrated and have plenty of water for the day. I recommend having some light snacks in the car if you have to drive back and you are not used to fasting. You may also bring a blanket to be somewhat comfortable, but that is up to you. Do not bring a journal, a book or anything that would distract you from spending a day in silence. It might be hard if you rarely allow yourself to do absolutely nothing. However, this alone can be a wonderful way to reset yourself even if you don’t receive any great guidance out of the Vision Quest.

6 – Arrive Early

Because it is only a one day Vision Quest, you will want to make the most of it by arriving as early and leaving as late as possible. Give yourself a timeframe and stick to it. You may feel so uncomfortable that you will want to leave early. Resist the temptation by setting a schedule.

7 – On Site

Find a good spot and go on a hunt for some stones and rocks you will use to build a circle. Look for rocks you are drawn to and ask permission to move them and use them for your personal circle. As you build the circle you will spend the day in, repeat your intention for this Vision Quest. Make it a prayer or a call to the benevolent forces of nature to help you on your journey. Enter the circle and place the last rock, which will be ‘the door’.

8 – Integrate

Allow yourself to receive the guidance and clarity over time. Spend time to reflect on this experience. Sometimes, clarity comes over a few days time. Celebrate yourself for this experience as it can be a daunting one to take.


I’d love to hear from you and your experience if you decide to give this a try. Discovering Shamanism allowed me to really connect with my surroundings and receive spiritual support.

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