Feel like you are not making enough progress on your healing journey?

Have you been working on yourself for quite a while and you’re still not seeing the kind of results you had wished for?

Maybe one of the reasons for this seemingly slow progress is that you are not only healing yourself but your whole ancestral lineage.

Maybe this mission you’ve taken upon yourself goes beyond your individual self and reach farther & wider to touch the collective unconscious and ancestral patterns in ways you are unaware.

Changing your perspective from slow progress to deep cleansing will help you have more patience and compassion towards yourself and for where you are on your journey.

Instead of feeling frustrated and discouraged, you may wish to see yourself as a powerful catalyst to humanity’s change in consciousness.

Ask the Universe to step in greater ways to support you in the transformative work you are doing. And allow yourself to receive all the gifts that are given to you. Sometimes, deep within ourselves, we block abundance from a belief that we do not deserve them.

Stones that are beneficial in healing ancestral wounds are Obsidian & Sodalite together.

Use the powerful prayer included in the gift below to heal the many aspects that are limiting your full potential.

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