If you are wanting to improve your life this year, don’t forget to include your Soul and spirit when setting resolutions. When we improve the quality of our spiritual nature, we improve all aspects of our life. All imbalances and trials have a root at the spiritual level. So when we tend to our inner spiritual garden, we change what we harvest at the physical level.

Here is a list of tangible and intangible spiritual growth goals and ideas to help you tend to your inner garden.

  1. intangible spiritual growth goals ideasCommuning with nature
  2. Meditating
  3. Practicing Yoga Nidra
  4. Unplugging from electronics and social media
  5. Finding a mentor or mentoring someone
  6. Reading spiritual or personal development books
  7. Practicing doing nothing
  8. Volunteering for a cause
  9. Writing a daily gratitude journal
  10. Fasting
  11. Attending a retreat
  12. Blessing your food and water
  13. Listening to classical music
  14. Watching Masters at their craft
  15. Studying and applying a self-healing method (Sedona Method, EFT, Radical forgiveness, etc)
  16. Decluttering your spaces
  17. Giving compliments daily to yourself and others
  18. Treating your body as a Temple
  19. Practicing mindful eating, cleaning or walking
  20. Eliminating negative self-talk
  21. Practicing embodying higher values such as patience, compassion, forgiveness
  22. Connecting with others
  23. Letting go of toxic relationships
  24. Expressing your needs and desires peacefully and tactfully
  25. Studying the philosophy of ‘A Course in Miracle’
  26. Attending a sweat lodge ceremony
  27. Attending a cacao ceremony
  28. Learning Qi Gong
  29. Growing a vegetable garden or spending a summer on a farm
  30. Donating on a regular basis
  31. Going on a Vision Quest
  32. Practicing regular space clearing
  33. Elevating your life through the practice of rituals
  34. Rebalancing your circadian rhythm
  35. Joining a spiritual book study club
  36. Reading and practicing ‘The Artist’s Way‘ by Julia Cameron
  37. Reading and practicing ‘The Four Agreements‘ by Don Miguel Ruiz
  38. Practicing breathwork

    tangible spiritual growth goalsReading and practicing ‘Entering the Castle‘ by Caroline Myss

  40. Noticing your emotions and feeling them fully without judgment or self-judgment
  41. Listening to your ‘gut feeling’
  42. Trying something new, often
  43. Accepting the way your day is going
  44. Increasing awareness of the words you use and study their etymology
  45. Learning how to access your subconscious through the use of a pendulum or other dowsing methods
  46. Reading and practicing ‘Feelings buried alive never die‘ by Katerine
  47. Studying the work of Edgar Cayce
  48. Taking a reflection class (https://www.myss.com/reflections-online-institute/ )
  49. Improving your living spaces for harmony and wellbeing
  50. Eliminating blaming and complaining


As you can see, I’ve added the word ‘practicing’ a lot, because the growth happens in the ‘doing’.

Information without action is only knowledge. Knowledge with appropriate action becomes wisdom.

You may want to learn more about how setting intentions can foster spiritual growth, by reading the previous post.

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