Want to know how to balance your Chakras energetically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually? Here are a few ideas to support your health on these levels without any specific ‘psychic skills’. The only skill you need to have is an open mind and heart. As well as a true desire to improve your life and a clear intention of how you want to feel.

These 7 Chakra balancing strategies are easy enough to incorporate into your life right away. It’s all about taking action and making time for what is important.

1 – Balancing Chakras with essential oils

Essential oils can be used on their own or in combination with other proposed exercises here. Like everything in nature, flowers have powerful properties and harmonious frequencies that can help us bring more harmony within our own self. This is based on the law of vibration and of perpetual transmutation.

Each person, natural element, object, even geographical region has a dominant vibration. The higher the vibration, the more refined and harmonious it is. By using objects or elements that hold a higher frequency we can help our own energy field attune to this higher one.

I like to think of it as a role model that allows us subconsciously to know what is possible and to hold a higher version of what we would like to experience.

Here are essential oils you can apply topically to each Chakra or to the ones that are most restricted.

Root Chakra: If you have issues around safety, lack of direction, lack of vitality, or excess anger : using Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Peppermint, or Clary Sage might be helpful.

Sacral Chakra: If you have issues around sexuality, lack of passion, creativity, feelings of undeserving or not-enoughness : then Jasmin, Orange, Clove or Neroli could be supportive.

Solar Plexus Chakra: If you lack healthy boundaries (have a difficult time saying ‘no’), or suffer from low ambition/motivation or self-esteem : you can use Lemon, Grapefruit, Cedarwood or Ginger essential oil

Heart Chakra: To increase your compassion, tolerance, ability to give and receive love, applying Rose, Patchouli, Palmarosa, or Bergamot essential oil to the center of your chest could be supportive.

Throat Chakra: If you don’t feel safe expressing your feelings and voicing your opinion, put a drop of Chamomile, Ylang ylang, Cypress or Wintergreen in the dip of your neck.

Third Eye Chakra: Placing a drop of Rosemary, Angelica, Juniper, or Basil to the center of your forehead might help calm your mind and allow you to receive inspiration, guidance, and insights.

Crown Chakra: If you feel emotionally withdrawn, overwhelmed or experience a loss of meaning in your life, a drop of these at the top of your head and at the base of your skull could help uplift you: Lavender, Frankincense, Lotus, Sandalwood

2 – Using flower essences

vibrational tools for chakra balancingI reached out to my friend and expert Lisa Matthews from Combination Healing to explain how flower essences can help balance the Chakras and her recommendation for which one to use.

Flower essences are an energetic form of plant medicine that contains the “signature” of a flower in water. Every plant has specific properties to support emotional well-being, mind-body connection, and spiritual growth. Flower essences stimulate awareness, insight, and soul growth as we walk our path here on Earth. As they are a type of energy medicine, they are a wonderful way to work with our energy body and our chakras.

Flower essences are ingested by placing a few drops under the tongue. PS: It does usually contain a small amount of alcohol.

Root Chakra & Corn Flower Essence

For those who feel ungrounded in their everyday life. For people who feel stressed living in a city away from Nature, and who feel out of alignment from heavy computer, phone, or technology use. Corn flower essence helps connect us to the Earth and return us back to our roots with a more grounded presence.

Sacral Chakra & Iris Flower Essence

Iris is a beautiful flower essence for stimulating one’s creativity, especially for those who feel the world has gone dull and who feel disconnected from inspiration. Iris can help stir creative expression in many forms, from artistic expression to simply noticing the exquisite beauty and colors of the world.

Solar Plexus Chakra & Larch Flower Essence

Larch is for those who doubt themselves and their abilities. They often worry about what others will think and expect sharp criticism for their work, which can block their ability to try anything new in the first place. Larch flower essence can help shift this self-doubt into self-confidence and a deep trust in one’s abilities in their work, their spiritual growth, and their everyday life.

Heart Chakra & Pink Monkey flower Essence

For feelings of shame or unworthiness in relationships, having difficulty taking emotional “risks” with others for fear of being seen; a fear of being vulnerable with others. When there has been a contraction of the heart due to emotional pain, trauma, or abuse, Pink Monkeyflower essence can support healing and an expansion of the heart. Helping the person to show their true selves to another. In this way they can shift from hiding and self-protection, to love and gentle openness with others.

Throat Chakra & Cerato Flower Essence

For those who doubt their own truth and inner knowing. Instead, often asking others for advice or endlessly researching for advice from the internet. Cerato flower essence helps one to claim, trust, and express their inner truth out into the world.

Third Eye Chakra & Star Tulip Flower Essence

For those having a difficult time settling into meditation, or who are struggling to interpret psychic information, dreams, or guidance from their Higher Self. Star Tulip flower essence can increase one’s sensitivity to their intuition, while also helping one to cultivate a sense of inner quiet in order to better hear guidance from the Unseen realms.

Crown Chakra & Chestnut Bud Flower Essence

For those who find themselves making the same mistakes, who ask themselves “How did I get into this mess…again?!” Chestnut Bud flower essence supports a deeper level of insight and understanding to the karmic influences and patterns that they may be unconsciously repeating in life. This flower essence can help one to gain wisdom while finally learning the soul lessons and life lessons of these situations, so they can continue to grow and expand

You can buy a single or a combination of flower essences from Lisa’s website, or contact her for a consultation.

3 – Balancing Chakras with crystals

Through their vibrant colors, beautiful patterns and orderly atomic structures, gemstones help us tap into harmonious frequencies. They assist us with the modulation of our fields towards accession.

The next blog post will delve deeper into using gemstones to balance your Chakras.

Like other vibrational tools such as essential oils and flower essences, gemstones will not do the hard work of releasing detrimental patterns but will support you in taking the steps needed to take your power and energy back.

They can assist energetically as well as physically by being a kinesthetic token to remind you of your goal and intention.

4 – Detoxifying your bod(ies)

There are so many toxins in the environment and a lot of those toxins get absorbed in our body through our water supply, food, the air we breathe, and the over electrification of the atmosphere.

Since the different aspects of our being are interconnected, it is important to maintain the health and optimal function of every aspect of ourselves (physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual).

Detoxifying your physical body by doing one or more of the following:

  • food cleanse and consumption of unprocessed foods
  • eliminating alcohol
  • drinking filtered water
  • chelating heavy metals using bentonite clay (click here for a detox protocol)
  • exercising

Detoxifying your emotional and mental body by:

  • letting go of toxic relationships
  • reducing time spent on social media
  • becoming more aware of the effect of what you watch and listen to and eliminating what induces fear, anxiety, disgust, etc…
  • taking steps to forgive any blame or grudge you are holding

5 – Chakra balancing with exercise

chakra symbol yoga matTai Chi, Qi Gong and Yoga are types of exercise routines that can help balance the Chakras and other aspects of the subtle energy field.

Each of these practices focuses on breathwork, posture, guided imagery, visualization to cultivate a strong vital life-force to enhance health and address illness.

Clara Roberts a local yoga instructor and ambassador of Supported Soul (locally made yoga mat we love) wrote an extensive blog post about balancing the Chakras through yoga. Click here to explore the different poses you can do at home to help clear the stagnant energies from your body.

We love this beautiful cork yoga mat featuring the Chakra symbols, now available in-store or through the Supported Soul website.

6 – Chakra balancing meditation

chakra balancing visualizationA simple meditation I enjoy doing is visualizing a flower opening and blossoming where each Chakra is located. You can visualize any type of flower, although I do recommend using a rose as the symbol contains a high degree of healing frequency. Starting at the Root Chakra and moving one Chakra at a time until you reach the Crown.

Root: Located at the base of your pelvis. Imagine a red rose starting from a small bud and slowly opening until it has reach full bloom, as large and wide as it feels comfortable to you.

Sacral: Located about two fingers below the navel. Imagine an orange rose starting from a small bud and slowly opening until it has reach full bloom, as large and wide as it feels comfortable to you.

Solar Plexus: Located between your navel and the lower part of your diaphragm. Imagine a yellow rose starting from a small bud and slowly opening until it has reach full bloom, as large and wide as it feels comfortable to you.

Heart: Located in the middle of your chest, between your breasts. Imagine a green or pink rose starting from a small bud and slowly opening until it has reach full bloom, as large and wide as it feels comfortable to you.

Throat: Located in the hollow part of your throat. Imagine a blue rose starting from a small bud and slowly opening until it has reach full bloom, as large and wide as it feels comfortable to you.

Third Eye: Located just above your brow in the center of your forehead and middle of your head. Imagine an indigo or purple rose starting from a small bud and slowly opening until it has reach full bloom, as large and wide as it feels comfortable to you.

Crown: Located at the top of the head. Imagine a white or violet rose starting from a small bud and slowly opening until it has reach full bloom, as large and wide as it feels comfortable to you.

7 – Questions for self-introspection

Root Chakra:

  1. Are the structures in your life supporting the life you desire?
  2. To what degree do you feel internally safe and secure and able to adapt to change?
  3. Do you believe you deserve the life you want and that you are able to create it?

Sacral Chakra:

  1. Do you take the time / allow yourself to enjoy life?
  2. Honestly, to what degree do you enjoy drama?
  3. Are you able to appreciate the little things in life and feel fulfilled by what you have?

Solar Plexus Chakra:

  1. Do I have ambition and take the necessary steps to create the life I want?
  2. Do I allow myself to be taken advantage of or do I take advantage of others?
  3. Do I take responsibility for my life and make choices in alignment with my values?

Heart Chakra:

  1. To what degree do I keep myself distant emotionally from others?
  2. Is there anyone or anything I haven’t forgiven?
  3. Am I able to give without expecting anything in return?

Throat Chakra:

  1. Am I truly honest with myself with how I feel in regards to certain situations, people, aspects of my life?
  2. Am I able to express my needs and desires clearly and without blaming or shaming others?
  3. Do I take action after I receive inspiration or guidance?

Third Eye Chakra:

  1. Are you able to discern the intentions of others towards you and not fall pray to lies and deceptions?
  2. Do you have any fear of the future?
  3. Do you allow enough space and time for ‘being’ in your life so you can pay attention to your intuition and inner knowing?

Crown Chakra:

  1. Do you have a higher ideal you are working towards?
  2. Do you have any fear of the spirit realms / God?
  3. Are you open to a completely different reality than what you have been brought up to believe?

Learn more about Chakra balancing and how to identify specific energies limiting the optimal function of your Chakra system and restricting your full potential through our Deep Chakra Clearing & Balancing program.

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