There are 2 main ways to balance your Chakras using gemstones.

The first way is to lay the gemstones directly on your body. The second is to use a witness and lay the crystals on the witness for the healing and balancing to be sent remotely.

A ‘witness’ is something that represents the person or object of your intention. It could be a photo, a piece of hair or a sample of the object, the full name, etc.

First, you will need a set of 7 gemstones. One gemstone associated for each of the Chakra + a Clear Quartz (point preferably) and a grounding stone (Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline or Hematite).

You can get a basic kit here or see below for a list of gemstones associated to each of the Chakras.

How to do a Chakra balancing grid over your body

chakra healing crystal grid

  1. Place a Smoky Quartz or a Tourmaline between your knees or ankles for grounding and clearing.
  2. Starting with the Root Chakra, place the color matching gemstone on the corresponding Chakra along the body. Bring your focus and awareness to this area and visualize the Chakra opening like a flower blossoming.
  3. Direct any stagnant energies you sense within the Chakra to the grounding stone.
  4. You can optionally add a clear quartz point above the head (pointing down towards the body) to bring in and direct universal frequencies into the subtle body.
  5. Once all the gemstones have been placed, relax for at least 10-15 minutes. You may want to relax until messages (ideas, memories, emotions, etc..) start flowing into your awareness, which may take longer than 15 minutes.
  6. Remove one stone at a time, starting with the Crown, then Third Eye, Throat, ect.

Cleanse your stone after each healing with incense (Palo Santo or Sage), on selenite or striking a singing bowl around your stones.

Learn how to identify specific blocks within the Chakras and heal yourself on a deeper level. Click here for more information on the Deep Chakra Clearing program and to access the Root Chakra module for free.

How to balance Chakras remotely

crystal healing grid

There are a few ways to send healing remotely using a witness. You can print a large photo of yourself or the person you are sending healing to, to use as the witness (the object that represents the person).

Or you can print a general chakra body layout and write the full name of the person above.

Then proceed to lay the stones on the paper the same way you would over the actual body.

  1. Place a Smoky Quartz or a Tourmaline below the feet for grounding and clearing.
  2. Starting with the Root Chakra, place the color matching gemstone on the corresponding Chakra along the body. Bring your focus and awareness to this area and visualize the Chakra opening like a flower blossoming.
  3. Direct any stagnant energies you sense within the Chakra to the grounding gemstone.
  4. You can optionally add a clear quartz point above the head (pointing down towards the body) to bring in and direct universal frequencies into the subtle body.
  5. You may leave the gemstones as long as you feel necessary. However, you may need to refresh your healing intention every 24 hours.
  6. Remove one stone at a time, starting with the Crown when you are done.
  7. Cleanse the gemstones as well as the paper or photo using incense or placing a piece of selenite over it for 24 hours.

boost your crystal healing grid tips

Healing other Chakra areas

There are many other Chakra points aside from the 7 major Chakras. You may want to consider these other areas for working on and healing specific issues.

Past-lives – There is a Chakra point behind the left ear that helps to access past-life information. You may want to place Petrified Wood, Petrified Coral or Stromatolite behind the left ear (or side of left ear if using a witness).

Higher Heart Chakra : The Higher Heart Chakra is related more to the will to live, to forgiveness and to higher service. While the Heart Chakra relates more to conscience (morals, values, right or wrong, etc.) and relationships. You may want to work with Rhodochrosite, Pink Opal, Pink Tourmaline, Chrysocolla, Turquoise

Healing the Spleen : The spleen is often overloaded with anger and unresolved childhood emotions. Balancing the spleen may assist you when working on emotional energies. Place Pink Tourmaline, Golden Healer Quartz, Sulpher in Quartz, or Bloodstone under the left breast.

Releasing destructive and/or self-destructive patterns : These patterns are not always easy to detect within ourselves as they are not always expressing themselves as addictions or self-harm. If you know or suspect self-destructive patterns, you may want to place Jet, Indigo Gabbro, or Emerald on each knee or elbow.

Additional elements to your Chakra grid

smoky quartz sacred geometry setYou may want to use additional elements with your Chakra balancing grid to enhance certain frequencies. Such elements could be herbs, flower essences or sacred geometry. You may want to ask yourself what would you need to feel more balanced? Do you need to release tension and anxiety? Do you want clarity and insights? Do you need more ‘energy’ or ‘fire’?

Cleansing frequencies : You could add a dodecahedron at the Crown Chakra. You may also burn incense of Dragon’s Blood, Myrrh, Honey Amber or the cleansing blend. Or sprinkle some of the herbs and resins over the witness (photo or body layout representing the person).

Feeling grounded and safe : You could add a cube-shaped gemstone at the Root Chakra as it represents the Earth element and the number 4 which is stability. You could also use Lavender or Palo Santo as herbal

Increased vitality : You can add a Tetrahedron (pyramid) at the Solar Plexus or Sacral Chakra as it represents the Fire element. You may also use Frankincense incense or resin.

Releasing stress and tension : You can add the Icosahedron to the Sacral Chakra as it represents the water element (water is associated to emotions). This shape helps to balance the energy field and encourages receptivity to help and assistance from others. Use Juniper, Lavender, Mugwort or Sage as herbal support.

Love frequencies : You may add heart-shaped gemstones to your healing grid and use Rose, Sweet Love incense blend, Yerba Santa to increase love and harmony frequencies.

See the different sacred geometry sets for sale here.

isis wand - crystal wandAnother amazing tool to enhance healing frequencies is to use an Isis wand. This wand, based on sacred geometry and ancient Egyptian healing tools, radiates a high degree of gold frequency. You may place it on yourself or on the witness as well. It is best not to share your wand with others. If doing healing work on others or building a crystal healing grid for someone else, it is best to have a dedicated wand for that.

Building your Chakra balancing kit

chakra palmstone set

1 – Get a basic Chakra stones set available in different shapes or build your own.

2 – Add a grounding gemstones : Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Hematite

3 – Add a Clear Quartz Point

Build your own Chakra stone kit by selecting one gemstone associated with each Chakra :


Black Tourmaline : promotes relaxation and eases stress. It helps to unite one’s will and desires, and brings ideas into reality. It offers a strong protection from external influences by repelling and protecting from negative energies. It also helps one’s to remain grounded and reduce fear. It also assists with self-empowerment by understanding oneself and others.

Smoky Quartz : releases tension and helps with stress. It brings strength and stability by grounding physically & spiritually. Also transmutes negative energy & shields from psychic attacks. And helps to connect with the power of the Earth

Hematite : promotes strength and endurance. It helps ones to achieve their plan in spite of obstacles and enhances concentration and focus. It is a stone of divination and may help to release your self-imposed limitations and discover your unique gifts. It boosts self-esteem, confidence and will power. It also helps to overcome compulsions and addictions.

Bronzite : clears confusion, assists with decision making and life choices. It promotes the courage necessary to follow through our life path and increase our adaptability so we may take the best path. It supports unprejudiced discernment and helps us resolve unsettled emotions.

Garnet : increases powers of resistance and increases willpower. It brings insights into and helps one’s ideas, even against great resistance. Also transmutes negative energies into beneficial ones. And it enhances creativity and sexual energy.

Red Jasper : Enhances stamina and endurance and increases one’s life force. It is helpful in being disciplined in creative work and to keep working on a project after it has lost its original excitement. Helps to be down-to-earth and can lead to good health, balanced emotions and just actions. Works gradually to make more permanent changes.

Bloodstone : promotes courage and rightful response. It enhances the functions of the mind and brings clarity and understanding to what is unfamiliar.  It stimulates emotional growth and sensitivity and helps develop our ability to make decisions. It is a powerful healing and revitalizing stone.


Carnelian : stimulates, vitalize and motivates. It is a gemstone for courage and to help overcome difficulties. It helps to manifest goals by encouraging trust in yourself and abilities. It helps to focus on the task at hand, bringing clarity of mind and stopping worries about the unimportant things in life. It enhances creativity, receptivity and sexual energy. It is also helpful in overcoming any type of abuse.

Moonstone : helpful for getting in touch with your emotions. It’s a stone of wisdom, comfort, and power. Moonstone calms our emotions and eases emotional instability. It balances over-sensitivity to situations and relieves stress.

Garnet : increases powers of resistance and increases willpower. It brings insights into and helps one’s ideas, even against great resistance. Also transmutes negative energies into beneficial ones. And it enhances creativity and sexual energy.

Unakite : promotes kindness, love, compassion to strengthen and support harmonious relationships. It balances emotions and can help us see any conditions from the past that may be holding back our personal growth. It gently removes deep blockages and trauma related to self-acceptance, self-respect, and self-love.

Sunstone : enhances optimism to increase personal power and to dissipate fear, depression and anxiety. It restores joy, warmth, openness and promotes self-care.

Solar Plexus

Citrine : instills self-assurance and confidence. It also promotes an abundance of spirit, joy, and confidence. It supports generosity and the accumulation of wealth. It is a wonderful crystal to bring in prosperity and wealth on all levels. It enhances success by stimulating the mind and increasing motivation and creativity.

Yellow Calcite : promotes a sense of stability and constancy. It teaches us to trust in our own judgment and to overcome difficulties and obstacles. It is an energy amplifier, particularly effective for overcoming laziness as it helps to make us more energetic and industrious. It helps us to put our ideas into action and makes us more successful in our endeavours.

Tiger Eye : helps to unite one’s will and desires, brings ideas into reality. Enhances clarity, willpower, practicality and correct use of power. Sharpens the senses and helps to remain objective when things are happening fast.

Golden Healer Quartz : supports healing on all levels through access to the spiritual worlds. It assists with finding or enhancing the right healing methods. It spreads its golden light throughout the body and clears blockages and imbalances and prepares the body for healing on every level.

Septarian : allows for patience and tolerance as well as emotional flexibility. It can help find the underlying cause of illness during meditation and support the body in healing itself. Also assists with public speaking and NLP reprogramming.

Aragonite : boosts self-confidence & self-worth. Enables proper assessment and handling of situations by providing insight into the causes of problems. Provide strength and support when feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Is an excellent crystal for those who push themselves too hard. It is calming, helps to reduce stress and to instill patience.

Pyrite : instills self-recognition. It is a powerful protective stone and deflects negative energies and helps to maintain one’s power. It increases vitality, ambition, and support people to generate wealth by taking action and overcoming their fears. It also brings up to the surface suppressed memories and reveals the cause of certain conditions. Pyrite helps you see the underlying agenda and intentions of who and what is presented.


Rose Quartz : encourages sensitivity, receptivity, and compassion. It also heightens clarity, harmony, happiness, and love. It helps to heal emotions and personal relationships, as well as sexual difficulties. It opens the Heart Chakra to all forms of love: including self-love, family love, platonic love, and romantic love. It is the stone needed to establish a fundamental attunement to the energy of love.

Rhodonite : helps to heal emotional wounds. It promotes forgiveness and letting go of resentment and it mends a broken heart. It encourages self-love and confidence and can assist one’s in achieving their greater potential.

Chrysoprase : promotes trust and a sense of safety. It also helps to let go of envy. It is a gemstone that promotes love of truth and hope. It is beneficial for solving relationship issues and making new connections and friendship. Chrysoprase is helpful in releasing codependent tendencies while still promoting commitment and fidelity. It can also release childhood issues and unresolved emotions.

Serpentine : promotes emotional courage. Brings the courage necessary to explore and feel one’s true emotions. It enhances our sense and feeling of security and helps us to establish our “boundaries”. It promotes a more relaxed attitude to life, balancing mood swings and promoting inner peace. It can encourage us to solve any conflicts in a much more peaceful way.

Malachite : opens one’s heart to unconditional love, increase empathy. It supports change and spiritual advancement. It stimulates intuition, guidance & insight through the power of imagination. It helps with making decisions and taking responsibility for one’s thoughts and feelings. It helps to clear past unwanted influences. Can unblock deeply held and traumatic emotions, for this reason it should be used with care.


Sodalite : enhances creativity, truth, and ideals. It helps with communication and dissipates guilt. Increases consciousness and idealism.

Lapis Lazuli : promotes honesty, dignity, wisdom, and sociability. It encourages us to tell and accept the truth. It helps to release pent up or repressed anger. It releases deeply buried emotions, enabling verbalization of truth. It releases and heals the bonds of the past, as well as strengthen relationships.

Blue Lace Agate : helps us to freely express our thoughts and feelings, to put into words that which we may find difficult to communicate. It is particularly good for those of us who feel scared to speak up because of a fear of being judged by others.

Aquamarine : brings clarity and courage. It helps to overcome the fear of speaking and to support your ability to speak clearly and with conviction. It enhances the reasoning and learning process. It also allows for the deep exploration of your Soul and the discovery of hidden meanings of reality. Additionally, it lessens rigidity and judgment and supports compassion and tolerance.

Dumortierite : helps to feel lighter and more detached, as well as increasing patience. Alleviates fear, depression, and stress. This gemstone provides recognition of potentials and the ability to see through illusions of reality. It can also support standing up for oneself. And it helps overcome obsessive behavioral patterns and stubbornness.

Apatite : promotes independence and ambitiousness. Supports the expansion of knowledge, creativity, and inner fire. It enhances our creativity, clearing mental confusion and frustration and teaching us self-expression.

Amazonite: helpful in alleviating fear and worry. Stone of self-confidence, respect & grace. Can help reduce any self-damaging behaviors.

Third Eye

Purple Fluorite : promotes a free-thinking spirit, flexibility, and discernment. It supports detachment and impartiality in situations. It enhances clarity, concentration, and decision-making. Fluorite restores organization and order to what is chaotic, disruptive and disorganized.

Kyanite : helps with healing & communication. It brings tranquility and peace and reduces anger and frustration. It can alleviate confusion, indecision, and hesitancy in order to move forward with more ease.

Labradorite : can help when going through periods of change by instilling strength and perseverance. It also helps to know instinctively the “right time” for things. It protects the Aura from negative energy & can recharge your subtle energy field.

Angelite : helps to dispel anger, fear and anxiety and turn those emotions into faith. It also allows you to speak your truth more easily. It enhances our levels of creativity, aids communication and self-expression and can heighten our levels of awareness.

Amethyst : allows one to be more serene and aware. Stimulating impartiality, sense of judgment, constructive thinking and acting. It helps to overcome pain, grief, and loss. It is also supportive when working on addiction issues

Iolite : allows you to express your true self, free from the expectations of others. It also help you to “enjoy the moment”.  It releases entanglements, discord, and codependency within relationships. It can also help with addictions issues by bringing awareness to the underlying cause.


Clear Quartz : promotes clarity and neutrality by gaining greater awareness. It also helps to improve perception and memory. It helps us to find simple ways to solve our problems, aids concentration and helps us to remember things. It helps to connect to the higher self & spirit realm. Quartz is excellent for general healing as it helps to speed up the whole healing process.

Selenite : rapidly shifts blocked energy, clear away negative energy and lessen emotional turmoil and confusion. Aids concentration and clear thinking, and strengthens your own decision-making process. It can make you much more aware of things – on all levels – and help you to better understand situations around you.

Scolecite : promotes cohesion and spiritual transformation. It is a strong stone to aid in communication, especially with spirit. It helps to awaken the heart, facilitates calmness, deep inner peace and acceptance of life.

Muscovite : stimulates & balances the third eye & crown chakras. Excellent for stimulating the intellect, especially in regards to quick-thinking and succinct and concise expression of ones feelings. Useful for people who are open to psychic energies and are learning to control the type, quality and quantity of information received. Can assist those who need to release emotional attachments especially if they are deep and strong. Lessens insecurities, uncertainties, and self-doubt.

Howlite : promotes conscious control of one’s actions and aid in taking control of one’s life. It combines the power of reasoning with patience, awareness, and purity of character. It brings a sense of calmness, reduces anger and offensive behaviors. Howlite helps us to communicate and express ourselves better and encourages us to be more subtle and tactful.

Colourless Fluorite : opens and energizes the Crown Chakra, allowing connection with the Divine. Fluorite also promotes flexibility, discernment, detachment & impartiality. It enhances clarity, concentration & decision-making. It restores organization & order to what is chaotic & disruptive. It encourages a superior ideal of physical, mental & emotional well-being.

How to balance your chakras using a crystal grid

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