The Chakras represent only a portion of our entire energy body, but their function has a tremendous effect on our health and well-being.

The Chakras filter information from the outside world and provides a certain baseline from which we react to situations and encounters. By cleansing the unresolved emotions and limiting beliefs through which each Chakra filters information, we change the situation we attract unto ourselves and we slowly move from ‘reaction’ mode to ‘response’ mode.

First, let’s start by exploring what can imbalance the Chakras in the first place.

7 factors im-balancing your Chakras

chakras1 – Negative judgment & unresolved emotions

The main one relates to a negative and/or inaccurate judgment made about an emotion (or situation) or of ourselves for feeling a certain way towards an event or a person. I explain this phenomenon in greater detail in my ‘about me‘ page. The gist of it is that emotions are neutral information to let us know our position in regards to certain situations. Or to help us figure out the information contained in our subconscious. It becomes ‘crystallized’ in our energy field when we make a negative judgment about the information.

Example: You feel angry but hold a negative judgment about anger, such as anger is bad and if I express anger I will be out of control. Being out of control = crazy. I do not want to look or feel crazy, therefore it’s best not to be angry. The anger then becomes crystallized and suppressed. Meanwhile, you felt angry because one of your core values was violated and that emotion was coming up for you to become aware of that transgression. Acknowledging how you feel and being able to express it in a respectful way would have allowed that energy to flow through.

2 – Past-lives dynamics

Some of the filters have been brought forward from the different experiences accumulated over different lifetimes. Most of us are not starting from a completely blank slate and are being influenced by both what we have learned through different incarnations, as well as the unresolved dynamics and relationships of those lives. This is why siblings, even twins, can have completely different reactions to the same situation. Each processing the event through the influence of their Higher Spirit, which comes with its unique temperament, as well as what has been brought forward from different experiences.

Many of our beliefs have also been generated in other lives. We often develop beliefs as a way to protect us from making similar mistakes in the future. The problem is that we filter new situations and experiences through past ones which can create false associations and assumptions. I strongly believe that the clearer and ‘free’er we become, the more we can move from ‘reacting’ to ‘responding’ to an experience in the here and now.

3 – Ancestral predispositions and inherited emotions

Many types of energies (emotional, mental, invasive, etc.) are also passed down from one generation to the next. From my healing work, I have found that is it both a protection mechanism as well as a way for an ancestor to eventually balance and heal patterns they were not able to. You may be repeating an illness or a relationship dynamic from a parent or a more distant ancestor. As much as we try consciously to avoid turning like our parents, we often recreate what upset us the most.

4 – Physical trauma

A physical blow or injury can also cause damage at the energetic level. The chakras communicate with the glands, the nervous system, as well as the etheric field (the energetic field of the physical body). When an aspect of our physical or energetic body is imbalanced or sustains an injury it affects its counterpart and restricts the full and optimal communication between them.

5 – Excess toxicity

We live in a highly toxic and depleted environment and we absorb a lot of this toxicity on a physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

On the physical level, heavy metals, chemicals, and pesticides in our food and water supply, as well as cleaning and beauty products, clothing, furnishing, etc… accumulate and restrict the optimal function of our body. It clogs up our glands and organs.

On the emotional level, there is often a degree of seeking drama or enjoying wallowing in negative emotions and energies. For many reasons, the gains of staying ill and stuck are often greater than the gain of health and healing. Fear of change, lack of taking responsibility for ourselves and our life, low willpower and secondary gains can prevent permanent change.

On the mental level, we feed our minds with toxic media and entertainment from TV programming, music, news channel, and social media. ‘Where attention goes, energy flow’. What we give our attention to is being returned back to us. And it’s worst when we sit in front of the TV, as we can be susceptible to going into a trans-state and absorbing a whole range of toxic and non-beneficial influences.

I easily go into a semi trans-state and often have to clear myself from acquired negative influences after watching certain movies and Tv shows.

6 – Electrostress

If we could only see how polluted the atmosphere is, from the radiation emitted by wifi, cellphone, microwaves, led lights, etc… we would be shutting all our devices down.

Everyone has different degrees of sensitivity to electromagnetic fields of course, but this stress has a cumulative effect on our level of health.

Scientific studies have demonstrated the high degree of the detrimental effect the current level of radiation has on people and the environment. Unfortunately, the evidence is still being denied and dismissed. You can find a wealth of research studies through the BioInitiative website.

7 – Lack of connection with Nature

We are an integral part of Nature, yet most people act and live as though they are above it or ‘unreliant’ on it. We have distanced ourselves more and more over the last two centuries to a point where we have ‘unplugged’ from nature and ‘plugged’ ourselves to an artificial power grid that leaves us depleted and un-nourished. Our energy field is fed and restored through our connection with Nature, the Sun, other aspects of natural Cosmic connection, and with our Soul. The degree of connection and harmony with these aspects influence our level of vitality.

You can read an interesting study on the connection between the relationship with nature and emotional wellness of children.

5 reasons why you should balance your Chakras

There are many reasons we should spend time and energy managing the different aspects of our energy field. On top of the reasons mentioned below, everything that happens in our physical reality is a direct reflection of the dynamics within ourselves. The more we let go of what is weighing us down and restricting our full potential, the healthier we become on a physical, emotional, and mental level.

Here are 5 reasons why you should balance your Chakras on a regular basis :

  1. You becoming less reactive
  2. You attract more of what you want
  3. You become more in tune with your core self and intuition
  4. You support your physical health
  5. You enhance your degree of resilience

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why balancing your chakras is important

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