Living in alignment with your highest level of truth in each moment energizes your body and provides power. The purer and more aligned the integrity between your intentions, your thoughts and actions are, the higher the vibrational quality of your field is and the stronger your connection to your Soul becomes.

There are different types of truths. Divine truths which is pure and absolute and which means at its root ‘to purify, cleanse’. There is also transient truths (or more accurately, transient conclusion) which is something that evolves over time because most of what we believe is actually an illusion. Unless it is a Divine truth, it is an illusion. Something that might have been ‘true’ in the past is not necessarily true today and as such, is just an illusion that we agreed with for a time. And of course, there are the flat-out lies that we tell ourselves and others.

When you allow yourself to loosely hold on to what you believe is true and to be open to a different or higher level of truth, you allow a greater flow of energies to move through your body.

When you speak (as when you think) a specific vibration and frequency are emitted through and from your being. When that vibration is pure and aligned with all aspects of your being, it soothes all aspects of your emotional, mental, physical, and energetic bodies like a tonic.

Do you pay attention to the feeling that underlies the words you speak?

Our personal truth comes from the heart. It can be sometimes difficult to feel what our personal truth is because many of us have restricted the flow of connection and communication between our heart and mind.

We’ve learned to assign either most of our decision-making to the mind and give little room to the desires of the heart (even more so when it goes against the norm or what we feel is logical and rational). Or we follow our heart blindly without contemplating on the subtleties of its promptings and asking ourselves if it’s really our heart speaking or an unresolved issue.

By paying more attention to the feelings underlying our thoughts and talk, and examining their source, we can slowly start to decipher the beliefs acquired from social conditioning, the transient conclusions made from limiting perspectives and understanding, etc…

Inner conflicts arise when we do something opposite to what we feel or know. That can be staying silent when we know we should have intervened. Believing one thing, but going with the masses because it’s easier. Going against any of our moral values because we want to fit in or keep the peace. Or when we make a promise with ourselves (or someone else) and we do not keep our commitments.

Inner conflicts leak a lot of vital energy.

Being and living in alignment with what we know to be true is a prerequisite to reaching for greater truths.

Living in alignment means doing what you know is right, to uphold your values in the midst of opposing forces, or what you may have to sacrifice in order to do so. To have the courage to stand up for what you know is true even if that means going against the crowd (or even loved ones), is to voice your opinion no matter how you will be perceived, and it’s to challenge the status quo.

When we lie to ourselves (or others) or deny our personal truth, our body constricts. This restricts the flow of oxygen, information, and the proper function of our subtle energy field and extra-sensory perceptions.

To release the constrictions and contradictions in your body and to raise the vibrational quality of your being, you need to explore the limiting beliefs you have accepted from social conditioning and upbringing. You need to explore the lies and half-truths you are holding in your field. And you need to contemplate where and how you are living out of alignment (saying one thing and doing another).

How to uncover your limiting beliefs

One way to do that is to start by inquiring our subconscious to see we if are holding a certain belief in an area of our being. Read the blog post ‘the complete guide to dowsing’ to learn how to tap into your subconscious to access information.

First, it’s important to remain curious and to tell ourselves that we want to know the truth. That you want to remove all preconceived ideas and notions that you hold (or that others hold). That there is nothing to fear and we are genuinely wanting to know what is stored in our body and mind.

I also take a moment to connect with my heart and my Soul.

It is important to note that this procedure is not always 100% accurate. Sometimes, we can hold certain fears or be energetically entangled and influenced by others that can prevent us from getting accurate information.

Here are some beliefs you may wish to explore :

– I am not entitled to have success

– I cannot make my own decisions

– If I depend on people, they might abandon me

– I deserve to struggle

– I can’t trust myself

– I have to earn other people’s approval to feel good about myself

– I’m responsible for other people’s happiness and they are responsible for mine

– If I let people really get to know me, they won’t like me

– I am unacceptable

– I don’t deserve healing

Some beliefs can hold kernels of truth, and so those can be harder to dismantle. The problem with these beliefs is sometimes not the kernel of truth, but the constriction of the belief. When a kernel of truth solidifies into a belief in your system, it doesn’t allow you to respond to the present situation accordingly but causes a reaction that is based on all of the beliefs that you hold that could apply in such a situation. It refers to the past, instead of assessing the present moment.

Here are examples of beliefs that may hold kernels of truth, but are unproductive and limiting:

– I need to be useful

– Mistakes are bad

– I don’t have time to get everything done

– My life is precarious / The world is a dangerous place

– My resources are limited

Take a belief you think or know you have (let’s say the belief ‘I need to stress about things in order to avoid bad things to happen’)

Now, tuning into your body, ask yourself the question: On any level of my being, do I hold any variation of the belief that I need to stress about things in order to avoid bad things…

How to reframe limiting beliefs

belief clearing chatLet’s say, you got a ‘yes’… You can have a little chat with yourself to reframe this belief by asking the following questions :

– Is that belief really true?

– Is that belief true at all times?

– Is that belief true for everyone?

Then find examples that invalidate this belief as truth.

You can also ask if it’s a Divine truth and if your Soul believes that statement.

Then you can ask again of your subconscious if any aspect of your being agrees with that belief.

Sometimes this little inquiry, chat, and reframe exercise is enough to dismantle a belief held consciously, semi-consciously or even subconsciously. Sometimes, however, more work is required, but at least it’s a good start.

The beliefs you hold have a direct effect on your environment, the situations you attract, and how you respond to those situations. Changing your life and your inner state of being requires self-examination.

A better way to work with positive affirmations

Sometimes, we know that a belief is not entirely true but we may have a hard time letting it go. Those beliefs often relate to how we view ourselves. Such as the belief ‘I am not good enough’. And it may be very hard to bring all of yourself onboard when using positive affirmations and trying to go from ‘I’m not good enough’ to ‘I’m amazing’ (or even.. ‘I’m good enough’).

If you have a hard time with repeating, believing or forcing certain positive affirmations that hold a very foreign perspective to what you’ve been feeling and believing for a long time, you may want to slightly modify the affirmation to allow room to shift and grow into. So, you may want to say ‘I do my best most of the time’. This statement might feel more in alignment with where you are while still allowing room to grow into something better. This affirmation also feels more compassionate to me as it allows for mistakes and setbacks.

Identifying triggering factors & making changes

After identifying limiting beliefs you may want to identify factors that trigger the belief you are exploring. Certain beliefs are activated at certain times or situations.

What factors trigger the belief I am not good enough? It could be triggered around certain types of people, or when you eat a certain food, or by engaging in certain activities. Then, it’s important to assess what you need to do about these triggers. Do you need to make some changes in your life (remember… about living in alignment…)?

When something becomes known it is important to respond accordingly and take action.

Wisdom is information in action… If you want things in your life to change you must honestly assess what is not working and why and then make changes accordingly.

If you request guidance, you must then take the steps necessary to follow through. However, healing is a work in progress and something you may have to revisit a pattern many times. Don’t get discouraged if you find yourself running those beliefs after uncovering, reframing, and using positive affirmations. Healing is not linear. We often come across recurring situations in order to further understand and uncover different aspects and layers of unresolved energies within ourselves.

Guides and Higher Beings are not here to save us. We have to save ourselves. Guides cannot assist unless we are ready to make the necessary changes in our lives and to take full advantage of our life opportunities.

The more beliefs you dismantle within yourself, the more fluid and harmonious your body and energy field becomes. The more harmonious your subtle energy field is, the more vibrant, energized, and healthy you become.

Speaking truth as a healing tonic

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