Sweet Love Incense – Loose Leaf Blend

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This love and attraction blend contains 11 herbs and resins creating a powerful and potent incense. Each herb has been chosen for feeling and attracting love. Burn to attract a loving partner or to bring love and trust to a union and existing relationship.

Contains 2 tablespoons of herbs : 10g

How to use or burn loose-leaf incense :

  • With a charcoal tablet
  • Adding a few pinches in a tea light candle.
  • Steaming it in boiling water over a stovetop.
  • In a low oil burner dish. Learn how to use an oil burner dish to burn incense and resins: https://www.instagram.com/tv/B7KAO2WIcea/?igshid=1o8v4qr2qswch
  • You could also carry the sachet of herbs on you

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