Sense of purpose of the Lavender Aura personality type

To turn what is in their imagination into physical reality.

Inner drive: Mental and spiritual creativity, to experience their fantasies and dreams.

Measure of success: How imaginative and creative they are.

Lavender Aura’s spiritual connection

To experience higher dimensions, meditative states, to connect to angels.

Physical aspects of the Lavender Aura type

Fragile and weak physical body,artistic, often ungrounded or unrealistic, living mostly in their dreamland.

Best types of exercise: grounding exercise, Qui Gong, gardening, walking, nature.

The Lavender Aura type’s mental features

Imaginative, artistic, creative thinkers, visionary, idealistic, ideals and intuition

Emotional qualities of the Lavender Aura personality type

Sensitive live in their own dream world, don’t like confrontations and harsh reality/ In the negative polarity : insecure, aloof.

Interaction: Unpredictable, follow their inner prompts, unstructured, spontaneous.

Characteristics of the Lavender type’s relationships

Loners, need freedom, but few close friends.

Intimacy: Creative, light, experimental, transcendent union.

Qualities and abilities of the Lavender Aura personality

Artistic, can be entertaining, work on their own schedule, highly intuitive and perceptive of possibilities yet to be formed.

Careers: Creative artists, writers, spiritual teachers, storytellers.

Best ways for the Lavender Aura type to recharge and revitalize

Mental relaxation, focus, connect with their intuition, trust inner feelings and guidance.

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Based off Aura Mastery Color Test – Inneractive