I started making little emergency kits to help me have everything on hand and easily accessible in times of need. I made kits such as first aid kit, hygiene kit (one for the car and one for the shop), miscellaneous tools & repairs, power outage kit, etc. It’s all been really fun and I thought I could also use a spiritual wellness kit.

A spiritual wellness kit could be used in times of stress or when we want to cut off electronics. It could also be a little daily meditation kit if you don’t have room for a permanent space or if you want to have a little meditation kit for the office.

This kit can include everything you need and use to help you relax and get into a more meditative state. It can be as small or as big as you wish, and of course, you can keep adding to your kit as your need or as your budget grows. You can also make a spiritual wellness kit for the office too, with items that help you release stress.

Here are some ideas to get you started on your own customized spiritual emergency kit.

Meditation Kits

Make a Small Meditation Kit

Make a Larger Meditation Kit

Make a Manifestation Ritual Kits

Make a Relaxation Kit

Make a Spiritual Home Cleansing Kit

make a spiritual home cleansing kit

In my space cleansing box, I have sage for a first round of clearing, florida water for washing the floors, selenite for cleansing fabric / soft furniture, and palo santo to finish for inviting benevolent and harmonious frequencies.⁠

Make a Chakra Balancing Kit

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Make a spiritual wellness kit for self-care

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