Sense of purpose of the Deep-Green Aura personality type

To experience intellectual growth, to learn, to express oneself and to teach others.

Inner drive: Achieving goals, being accepted and important, earning money.

Measure of success: Amount of money earned, being accepted and achieving their goals.

Deep-Green Aura’s spiritual connection

Is more of a mental concept and understanding of God.

Physical aspects of the Deep-Green Aura type

Material, physical, wealth, luxury, firmness, clarity of presentation and communication, structure, autocratic / In the negative polarity : resistance to change.

Best types of exercise: Walking, gym, aerobics, professional sports.

The Deep-Green Aura type’s mental features

Quick-minded, organized, communicative, ambitious, intelligent, accurate memory, high ‘I’ value and expectations

Emotional qualities of the Deep-Green Aura personality type

Good self-esteem, self-assertiveness, constancy, perseverance, tenacity, self-control / In the negative polarity : pride, sense of superiority, idealized picture of oneself

Interaction: Powerful, direct, verbal, intelligent, constant mental stimulation.

Characteristics of the Deep-Green type’s relationships

High expectations, goal oriented, looking for acceptance and understanding.

Intimacy: Attractive, need acceptance and security, emotionally careful.

Qualities and abilities of the Deep-Green Aura personality

Communicates directly, fast and personally. They are ideal communicators and teachers. They are also workaholic, organizers, planers, bossy, independent, ideal for higher management positions.

Careers: Bankers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, real estate or stock brokers, financial consultants, producers.

Best ways for the Deep-Green Aura type to recharge and revitalize

Nature, aerobics, sports, communication, finding mental and emotional balance.

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Based off Aura Mastery Color Test – Inneractive