Sense of purpose of the White Aura personality type

To teach and be a channel of healing and spirituality.

Inner drive: Inner peace and connection to God.

Measure of success: To enlighten humanity through healing and teaching of higher principals.

White Aura’s spiritual connection

The experience of transcendental states and higher dimensions of existence.

Physical aspects of the White Aura type

Delicate, sensitive, fragile physical bodies that radiates lightness, needs lot of private space.

Best types of exercise: Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, meditation.

The White Aura type’s mental features

Intuitive, quiet but bright and quick thinkers, adjusts to their environment.

Emotional qualities of the White Aura personality type

Sensitive, emotional chameleons / In the negative polarity : difficulty setting boundaries, easily overwhelm by emotions, depression.

Interaction: prefers one-on-one or small groups, can tune into other people easily

Characteristics of the White type’s relationships

Strong relationship with God, loners, soul-to-soul connections based on shared values and beliefs

Intimacy: Careful in mixing energies with others, too sensitive and open, deeper union of souls

Qualities and abilities of the White Aura personality

Works alone in quiet environments with like minded people. Can easily tune into situations or others to uncover the problem or issue.

Careers: Healer, spiritual counsellor, healing and teaching professions.

Best ways for the White Aura type to recharge and revitalize

Mental relaxation, focus, connect with their intuition, trust inner feelings and guidance. Function best in an uncluttered, pretty and clean environment.

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Based off Aura Mastery Color Test – Inneractive