Sometimes we need a few meditation tools to trigger the body into an altered state of consciousness. There is nothing wrong with that and many have been used for centuries by Lamas, Gurus, Shamans, etc. because it works.

1 – Scent for Relaxation and Invocation

Scents are a powerful way to put us into a trance. Incense has been used by many spiritual practices through time and in different ways. A scent helps you to anchor an experience.

Let’s say your grandmother wore a rose perfume and you have wonderful memories of your grandmother. Now, whenever you smell roses it reminds you of your grandmother.

The same kind of anchor, using scent, can be used for meditation. By using the same scent every time you meditate, your body will associate this scent with relaxation and meditation. You will then be able to access a meditative state more quickly.

Sweet incenses such as Myrrh, Frankincense, Honey Amber, Patchouli, Sweetgrass work well.

Essential oils of fragrant flowers like Ylang-Ylang, Geranium, Jasmine, Lavender, or Rose are also very lovely.

You may have to try a few different scents to find the one that relaxes you most and induces a sense of sanctity.

2 – Crystals and Gemstones as Meditation Tools

Depending on the intention of your meditation, different crystals and gemstones can support you. Some stones can relax and calm the body, others help you access certain types of information (Akashic Records, Lemuria, Atlantis, etc), while some open certain Chakras and meridians.

Knowing what you would like to achieve from the meditation will help you select the right crystal. Are you looking for guidance, healing, an increase in certain abilities or talents, inner peace and relaxation?

Below are some gemstones and their common properties, however, there is much more to choose from.

Amethyst – is a stone that helps to bring and maintain a state of calmness and peacefulness. It also facilitates the opening of the Crown Chakra

angelite tumble close upAngelite – facilitates contact and communication with other beings and your own spirit guardian. It helps to raise conscious awareness and journey through different planes.

chrysoprase tumble close upChrysoprase – facilitates deep meditative states, compassion, and non-judgmental attitudes. It helps to recognize our own Divine nature. It also balances the energies within oneself and aligns the Chakras with the energetic planes.

clear quartz pointClear QuartzAssist the focusing of the mind and the clarity of thought. Amplifies energies, imagery, thoughts. Activates energy center and clear all energy bodies.

kyanite tumble close upKyanite – brings calming energy and stimulate psychic gifts. It is also a stone that facilitates meditation at all levels.

standing labradorite free formLabradorite – May assist in finding one’s purpose and destiny as well as connect with other planetary beings. It is also a stone that facilitates intuition and the implementation of the insights.

lapis lazuli close upLapis Lazuli – is known to help access ancient mysteries and knowledge. It supports the exploration of other planes, in understanding the information and in gaining wisdom. Lapis also stimulates creativity, expansion, and awareness. And it provides clarity, objectivity, mental endurance and can lead to gaining insights through dreams.

nuumite tumble close upNuummite – is one of the oldest minerals and works with the Chakra system. It helps to ground the physical and energetic body. It can help to transform intuition and psychic information into thoughts and concepts that are useful.

selenite raw stickSelenite – Brings clarity of mind and can help you access past-lives.

Turquoise – Facilitates grounding and remaining conscious in deep meditative states. It supports spiritual attunement, strength and protection during Vision Quest and spiritual work.

Use crystals as meditation tools by either holding the crystal or gently gazing into it. The stone’s frequency will expand your own energy. Because we are unique, each person has a different experience working with stones.

You may also place the stone under your pillow to work with it in your dream state.

It is important to connect with the spirit of the stone and ask for its permission to work with it. By attuning yourself with your crystals, the experience of working with them will become more powerful.

3 – Music to Alter Your State of Consciousness

I meditate both with and without music. When it comes to music, I am a fan of Tom Kenyon. I have found his music very powerful in helping me achieve certain states of consciousness. It is also very soothing and healing.

Rattles and drums are quite powerful as well as these tools have been used for centuries to induce trance. It doesn’t take long to get carried away by the sound of a gentle rattle. There is also a certain force to the beating of a drum that grounds and empowers us.

Sounds of nature are also very soothing. Maybe finding a flowing river, beach wave, birds or whales soundtrack is what would work best to relax you. Try to bring your whole body to this place in nature through your imagination. In your imagination, feel the earth or the sand. Smell the fresh air. Using your psychic senses helps you move through the subtle landscape and receive clearer insights.

You may also wish to experiment with listening to music with high-quality wired headphones (although I strongly suggest not using wireless earbuds). It may also be just a question of adjusting the volume to the level that works best for you.

What Will You Use?

These meditation tools can be used individually or in combination. What is most important is that you find what works best for you and that you take the time for this special moment with yourself.

Perseverance is key.

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