Smudge sticks and incense

palo santo bundlesWe carry various smudge sticks and incense for all types of smudging and cleansing jobs. Sage is not always the right frequency for the energies within a space, we help you select the right essence for your task.

We have different sage smudging sticks, including blends with cedar, lavender, and sweetgrass.

Our Palo Santo comes from sustainable farming practices in Peru. We sell individual sticks as well as cute bundles.

We also sell the following essences in resin form: Dragon’s Blood resin – Honer Amber resin – Myrrh resin – Frankincense resin – Sandalwood resin

We also make loose incense blends in small batches with organic and wildcrafted herbs, flowers, and resins. The different blends carry their own unique intention.

We prefer selling raw resins, herbs, and wood instead of incense stick as it is more potent when doing space clearing.

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