Many people realize now that mindset has a lot to do with the reality you create for yourself. How ‘positive thinking’ is important when you are trying to achieve something. And it’s true in some ways, but not enough to dismantle these dynamics.

That is why, no matter how many times you repeat those affirmations, you are sometimes left frustrated by the little progress you are making in changing your reality.

Beliefs and mindset are only a part of the issue. Not only do you have to figure out the conflicting beliefs you hold, you have to change your perception of them and also look into what fuels those beliefs.

What activates beliefs

Many different energies and dynamics can trigger beliefs. Since most belief systems are not conscious, they can be tricky to figure out. Below are the three most common ways deeply buried beliefs that laid dormant starts to activate.

You are faced with a new situation. You are starting something such as a new business, moving, making a large purchase, etc. When something new happens to us, our subconscious mind goes on scouring what it knows about it and brings up to the surface anything slightly related to the situation. This is not bad in itself, but if there is any kind of negative memories or trauma from early childhood or other lifetimes, part of your system can start sabotaging your effort as a mean of protection.

The news. The news feeds fears and generates heavy emotions, such as anger, anxiety, hopelessness, etc. Even if you are not watching the news, you may still be affected by the ripple effect it is causing to the energy grid of the planet. Since you are connected to this energy grid, you are affected by what is traveling on it to varying degrees. The emotions and experiences that are generated at a mass level will cause the ones you hold in your energy field that are of similar frequencies to intensify.

Interactions with others. When we interact with others there are different dynamics at play that energize and strengthen the information held in our energy field. You will most often play out polarizing or similar issues with the people you interact with, causing friction or more of the same. On an energetic level, we can also acquire other people’s emotional issues and thought patterns when there is a common resonance.

What fuels beliefs

Unresolved emotions from all our lifetimes fuel the beliefs with the necessary energy to activate them or keep them active.

Fears also underlie belief systems and energize related emotions. So when fears get triggered, it activates a whole set of rules and emotions.

The problem with trying to shift our mindset is that we can become aware of one or a few limiting beliefs, but do not perceive all the conflicting beliefs related to the issue. It’s like being able to see the thread, but not the whole yarn ball.

changing your circumstances and mindsetHow we misplace our power

There are many dynamics we entertain that keeps us from having full access to our personal power. And that prevents us from directing our willpower on our Soul’s goals. These dynamics have much more weight sometimes than our mindset.

We misplace our power by blaming others or something other than us for what happens in our life.

When you realize the magnitude of your ability to create, then there is nothing to feel powerless about. You know that you can change your path at any time to create something else.

We also reduce our personal power and feed other’s when we believe they have more weight than us.

Such as when we seek to be loved and accepted by others instead of loving and accepting our self first. When their opinion of you matters more than your own.

We also misplace our power when we have blind faith in authorities or perceived authorities. Or when we completely believe and put our trust in doctors, government, etc. without listening to our own guidance or doing our own research.

Or when we hide who we truly are and what we feel and believe in our core, for fear of being rejected or ‘rocking the boat’, we make others or the situation more important than us.

These dynamics causes many limitations in our ability to create the life we desire.

What can help you shift your mindset

So, not only do you have to work on your mindset, but you also need to become more aware of the dynamics you entertain and the emotional energy underlying those beliefs and dynamics.

Trying to sugar coat your dreams and goals with positive affirmations will not transform the underlying energies and won’t shift your mindset.

You can try finding different ways to see a situation. And then anchor these new perceptions with real-life examples to help to diffuse certain beliefs. The more self-aware you become, the more you can perceive the different dynamics at play in your life. Being open and willing to go into the darker aspects of yourself can be quite revealing.

However, in order to have increased success in changing your mindset, you must disarm the underlying energies that have contributed and anchored them in the first place.

If transforming those emotional energies, beliefs and dynamics is something you want help with, you can book a healing session with me by clicking here.

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