The bird has all the apparatus he needs to fly. He doesn’t question if he can do it or not. He places his attention on his goal, on the branch he wants to reach and takes off.

You have all the talent and gifts needed for your life purpose and to go through the opportunities and life lessons along your journey. Whatever is on your path now you can overcome, achieve, do and succeed. It’s all in you.

The main aspects preventing you from feeling confident in yourself and your ability to step into who you truly are is the self-doubting, the unresolved fears and emotions, and the misperceptions you hold about yourself and life.

When you look at nature, every animal and insect know what they are supposed to do. It is innate. The caterpillar hears the call to build its cocoon, the bear knows when it’s time to hibernate, the flocks migrate every year, and the slug has built-in toxicity to protect itself from being eaten by birds.

The reason you are feeling disconnected from your inner knowing is you keep looking outside of you when the answer lies within. And because there are conflicts between what you want consciously and what your subconscious mind and energy body is creating.

When you compare yourself to others. When you try to fit yourself into a mold of what is already established. And when you try to live up to other people’s expectations of who you should be and what you should do, you end up feeling disconnected and miserable.

It would be like a dog trying to fly. It’s frustrating and gets you nowhere in the end.

You are a unique being on a unique growth and healing journey. You have accumulated a unique combination of experiences and perspectives through your lifetimes and journeys.

You are here to create your personal path. You are here to create your own special mark on this planet at this moment. There is no mold and nothing to fit into. You are here to create something new, not try to duplicate something that has occurred. Every snowflake is unique. Even twins are different.

Of course, being different is usually scary. We have been programmed to fit into society and to conform. To follow the latest trends and to do what brings status, money, and security.

However, this is not what feeds your Soul. They are nice things to have as a side effect of living with joy and passion.

Pay attention to what comes naturally to you, what is easy for you and what brings you joy. Celebrate your special quirks. Recognize what makes you unique.

I also don’t believe we have just one specific purpose in life or that your purpose should link to ‘earning money’. However, if you are trying to find what it is, it’s usually found by following your joy and passion.

Money, time, expectations and doubts aside… what lights the fire in you? What could you do for hours and not see the time fly by? What makes you smile and fill your heart with tingles?

I love helping people transform the unresolved emotions and the restricting beliefs that cloud access to their inner fire and the clarity they seek when it comes to feeling fulfilled.

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