Sometimes the most obvious thing eludes us…

I’ve known for many years that when we hold a strong judgment about something (or of ourselves or our feelings about it) that it creates a sort of veil that makes it difficult to recognize it within ourselves. That is one of the premises of my spiritual healing approach.

For many years, my health was slowly deteriorating. Last year, it got to a very concerning point and I was having a difficult time managing some of the symptoms. I was doing my regular intuitive health inquiries and applying my findings, but was getting little relief.  My intuitive inquiries were always leading me to one thing or another, but never to the one major cause. I was in complete denial of what was causing these health issues. To admit the cause would mean I would have to do something about it, and I wasn’t ready or quite willing yet.

Most days I felt like I was 80yrs old, my joints were in a lot of pain. I was having difficulty remembering things. I was having a lot of insomnia. My skin was extremely dry. I was losing a lot of my hair. And I had started to have a tremor in my hands. All that, even though I was active, eating healthy, doing detoxes, and taking all sorts of supplements. As per my doctor, everything looked good and there was nothing wrong with me…

One thing led to the next and I found myself having to finally address what I had been avoiding. 10 years ago I had a breast augmentation (which ruptured at the beginning of last summer). Like most (if not all) women, I had been told that the procedure was really safe. And I believed (or should I say my insecurities believed) the plastic surgeon and the medical system. I didn’t allow my wiser analytical mind to do deeper research, admit the highly profitable billion-dollar industry bias ($16.7 billion in 2019 in the USA alone), and admit the fact that the body is most likely going to react to these foreign objects.

I wanted to feel like a woman. I wanted to feel prettier and I wanted more confidence. However, this cosmetic surgery didn’t really change how I felt about myself. I felt a little bit prettier, but it didn’t give me more confidence or self-esteem.

It took a lot of spiritual work and emotional healing over many years to address the underlying causes of my insecurities and lack of self-worth to feel better about myself. 

So when my implants ruptured I started to do some research. I increasingly realized that these implants (even prior to the rupture) were the cause of my deteriorating health. It was all starting to make sense since I remember having weird symptoms not too long after the implants were installed, but I thought it was stress…

What I’ve found (and find) appalling is a lack of acknowledgment and support, if not an outright denial that breast implants are a causal factor to loads of health and immune problems. I received zero acknowledgment of my suspicion. And sadly I am not the only one. Throughout this process, I discovered groups of hundreds of thousands of women having similar symptoms and similar experiences with the medical profession. Most of them are being told that their health problems are all in their head and are being prescribed anti-depressant and anxiety meds (because anxiety is another major symptom).

According to the plastic surgeon, implants were not the cause of my health issues. Yet in the same breath, he said ‘I can’t deny that most women who have their implants removed see a positive effect on their health’…

And I even had my decision to explant (have the implants removed and not replaced) questioned by the surgeon. ‘ Was I sure I wanted to look that way? I was still young…’

As I am writing this post it’s been 9 months since my explantation. 90% of my joint pain was gone the day after surgery and has remained minimal. My skin also completely changed texture and his much more plumped and hydrated. I stopped loosing my hair like crazy. My stamina and vitality significantly improved around the 6-month mark. The tremble in my hands has mostly resolved as well. And my digestion isn’t as sensitive as it was. My memory is slowly improving.

This year-long journey allowed me to go deeper into my spiritual understanding. Here are my tidbits:

  • What we are unwilling to acknowledge and take action on will most likely remain hidden. Our biases will almost certainly be confirmed. Our biases are driven by insecurities, judgment, self-judgment and close-mindedness.
  • Our body is amazing. It needs to be treated with respect. It is always communicating with us. We need to be willing to listen to our bodies.
  • Nothing external or superficial can change how you feel about yourself. Not cosmetic surgery. Not even a 1000 compliments.
  • We shouldn’t blindly believe what we’re told. Not even if the source is supposedly ‘trustworthy’. Do your research, contemplate, exercise logical and free-thinking, observe, and trust yourself.

I am sharing this highly personal experience in hopes that it will prevent women (and even men) from falling prey to that industry. I also hope it may bring some insights (and/or confirmation) to the ones who have had a cosmetic procedure and are having health issues. I am also hoping everyone can learn from that experience and apply this wisdom to other areas of life.



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