You probably heard before from the law of attraction that in order to manifest what you want, you need to be happy with what you have.

And there lies a conundrum. Because you are, on a certain level, unhappy for not having what you want. Or not being where you want. And you can’t deny that.

The problem with truism like the one above is the part of the information that is missing or that can become misdirected or misapplied.

Do I believe that in order to attract what you want, you need to be happy with what you have? Yes, sort of, but there is so much more to manifestation than that.

You can’t just stuff down your feelings and pretend you are happy. And to just try to think positive whenever you have a negative thought. Denying how you feel only suppresses the emotions and won’t get you anything or anywhere.

I feel it even makes things worst as you are now adding more judgment to how you feel because somehow you are wrong for feeling this way. And then you eventually start feeling more inadequate for not being able to change your situation.

When you try to just shift your thoughts, you are also missing the information your emotions and feelings are trying to tell you. Emotions are neutral, they are not negative or positive until we attached judgment to them. Emotions are information. So the goal is to inquire and contemplate the deeper reasons you are feeling unhappy and unfulfilled.

When you try to just shift your thoughts, you are missing the information your emotions are trying to tell you.

What is really missing in your life you think the thing you want will provide? Because what we really want is rarely material (I am not here denying material possessions. I don’t believe austerity is the way to live an honorable life). The underlying reason for wanting certain things has more to do with a quality or an essence that we are seeking. So you may be really desiring connection, intimacy, stability, safety, joy, passion, creativity, importance, recognition, beauty, freedom, ect…

Then once you have identified what you are really seeking, ask yourself if what you thought you wanted can truly fulfill that missing quality and if it’s the only way you can experience that essence.

You may also want to contemplate on when was the last or first time you experience a loss of that essence and allow yourself to feel all the emotions surrounding those experiences.

When you allow yourself to sit with all of your emotions without feeling bad or wrong, and without judging yourself, you are able to diffuse the intensity of those emotions. Self-compassion is the most important step in bridging your subconscious and conscious aspects.

As you become genuinely ok with where you are, the frequency of your being shifts and what you attract and manifest changes accordingly. The law of attraction is about becoming very clear about what it is that you want. Not the material things, but the essence of experiences.

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Apply the law of attraction in the right way to get what you want and to be ok with not being ok. 

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