Herbal Tea Ritual & Channeled Blends to Unwind

When I debuted my studio (the metaphysical boutique, as I like to call it) I wanted to offer a rich and enriching experience. Part of that formula was to provide comfy luxurious seating and organic herbal tea. I felt that if the environment was to be conducive to learning and meditation, then guests needed to be comfortable.

The space needed to allow people to unwind and feel safe to dive deep within.

Many of us live very busy lives, often causing us to neglect ourselves and our personal needs. There is a sense that we need to be “on” all the time, just to keep up. Between social media, kids activities, work and financial pressures, carving out some spare time to just “be” can be a daunting task.

I have found that little rituals can create space for being without adding any more pressure to the mix. Consciously preparing and sipping tea takes much less time and effort than journaling or repeating affirmations, while still having profound effects.

My curated herbal tea blends are formulated with an intention to create that quiet space, to invite positive energies and experiences into your life. Having tea as a ritual for setting intentions can be a great way to anchor frequencies that help you manifest those positive experiences.

Flowers and plants contain powerful healing frequencies. We connect with the divine Earth essence of the plant by appreciating it and merging with it (drinking it), allowing those healing frequencies to work with us. The effects are intensified when all this is done with intention.

Creating a tea time ritual, consciously setting intentions and connecting with the herbs are one way to allow healing and abundance to occur.

Although I am not a botanist, I know that herbs are special and I love them. I love tea. So I began blending tea intuitively, to share with my guest before mediations. People seemed to love my tea too! I received many generous compliments.

Then, someone suggested that I should start making tea for sale. I took their advice and here we are today, talking about my tea.

I connect an intention for a tea blend, then channel the herbs that would best support the intention. With the ingredients channeled, I research their individual properties to confirm compatibility with the set intention. I’m always pleased and often pleasantly surprised to find confirmation for the appropriateness of the herbs I channeled. And they always taste great together too!

All the ingredients are certified organic. No added flavors, sugars, extracts or preservatives – all natural tea. In some blends, the Stevia sweetener I use is itself a natural herb.

Here are the herbal tea blends currently offered in store and available online:

Clear Mind Herbal Tea – Lucidity

A refreshing blend of herbs to awaken the mind. Enjoy in the morning and afternoon to spark creative ideas and to help with tasks and decisions.

All organic ingredients: Hyssop, Spearmint, Lemon Verbana, Lemon Peel, Moringa, Strawberry Leaf, Stevia, Periwinkle, Peony Root, Oatstraw, Echinacea

Fairy Wisdom Herbal Tea – Playfulness

A flowery blend of herbs to promote playfulness and connection with Earth elementals. Drink anytime you need to lift your spirit or to request a little help from the invisible realms.

All organic ingredients: Linden, Mugwort, Catnip, Strawberry Leaf, Violet Leaf, Stevia, Rose Petal, Rosehip, Peony Root, Lavandin

elevated journey organic herbal tea - energyElevated Journey Herbal Tea – Energy

A powerful blend of herbs to promote energy & stamina. Drink in the morning and in the afternoon to perk up your body and mind.

All organic ingredients: Hyssop, Moringa, Periwinkle, Spearmint, Stevia, Orange & Lemon Peel, Calendula, Peppermint

Over the Rainbow Herbal Tea – Abundance

A wonderful blend of herbs that invites greater abundance in your life. Drink anytime with a grateful heart.

All organic ingredients: St-John’s Wort, Lemongrass, Passionflower, Mugwort, Peony Root, Peppermint, Periwinkle, Rose Petal, Stevia, Violet Leaf, Lemon Peel

serendipity organic herbal tea - happinessSerendipitea Herbal Tea – Happiness

A delightful blend of herbs to put a smile on your face. Drink with joy anytime to invite little miracles to find their way into your life.

All organic ingredients: Tulsi, Lemon Balm, Stevia, Nettle Leaf, Mugwort, Grapefruit Peel, Cinnamon, Rosehip

sacred heart herbal tea - loveSacred Heart Herbal Tea – Love

A lovely blend of herbs to open your heart. Drink anytime to evoke more love for yourself and in your life.

All organic ingredients: Violet leaf, Strawberry Leaf, Rose Petal, Peony Root, Oatstraw, Stevia, Catnip, Linden, Moringa, Orange Peel

Midlife Vigor Herbal Tea – Aging

A gentle blend of herbs to alleviate symptoms related to aging & menopause. Drink with the intention of transitioning gently to another cycle of your life.

All organic ingredients: Tulsi, Passionflower, Mugwort, St-John’s Wort, Oatstraw, Linden, Lemongrass, Hyssop, Rosehip, Rose Petal

Zen Garden – Tranquility

A relaxing blend of herbs to induce a sense of peace and calm. Enjoy in the evening to quiet body and mind before bedtime.

All organic ingredients: Tulsi, Lemon Balm, Passionflower, Mugwort, Chamomile, Lemongrass, Violet Leaf


You can buy the ritual teas at the boutique, online as well as at Wildflower Beauty Bar

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