The Pitfalls of Spiritual Awakening

Many people are becoming aware that there is more to life than we know and can see. A lot of them are starting to feel unfulfilled by the reality that has been created and presented to them. The career, status, and white picket fence don’t seem to bring the joy they thought it would.

Many people are starting to realize that something is missing and they are starting to look within themselves to find that missing piece. This is the start of the spiritual awakening process.

When people start to feel the peace that comes from within they usually want more and so they seek answers and ways to reach that state on a more consistent basis. There is a lot of information out there about awakening, but I find many of them are unsafe.

I don’t talk about kundalini awakening, crystalline structure, 5D reality and whatever else elusive and intangible concepts are out there. Why? Because it’s tempting to grasp to concepts that feel good, but in reality, that is often a way of spiritually bypassing what is really going on within ourselves.

You can’t speed up spiritual awakening. And you if try too hard to achieve states and experiences you are not ready for, you may hurt yourself.

I’ve seen many people forcing stages of awakening as a way to leave their body and to escape their life or avoid certain situations.

In my view, it defies the whole purpose of awakening.

The more you resist where you are, the more difficult it is to change your inner state and outer outcomes. This insight has been acquired by many years of resisting and pushing against where I was at the time. Which is so easy to do when we want to heal and ‘move ahead’.

spiritual awakening quoteYou are always awakening as you live your life as best as you can in each moment. Awakening is not something you force, it’s not something you do. Awakening happens as you exercise self-awareness, discernment, and wisdom from active intelligence.

Maybe one of the most important steps in the ‘awakening process’ is to be truly deeply and fearlessly honest with one’s self.

The second most important step is to let go of the judgment you hold about how you feel, what you think, or who you are.

Until you let go of the judgment you hold about certain emotions, habits, or ways of thinking/being you will not be able to perceive and release those same energies within yourself.

As you release judgment, your perception of reality changes. And as your perception of reality changes, your response to it changes accordingly.

Spiritual awakening is changing your response to life and others in a way that is more life-enhancing (I’ve carefully chosen this word over ‘positive’). However, you must be careful not to force a positive response in an attempt to bypass what you are truly feeling, as that would only suppress more of what you are trying to clear.

You cannot force spiritual awakening. You can only love and have patience for yourself where you are at right now. The more you do, the faster this shift will happen naturally and effortlessly.


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