Some people use this season to take stock of their life and start making a plan for what they want to change or create. Fall is a good season for slowing down and doing contemplation work. In doing so, it’s important to also bring into focus the positive aspects of one’s life. Looking at what is working and why it is working will help you set up a good foundation for the change you want to implement. It is important to have patience and compassion for oneself too because it might not be the first time you try to create this same change. It’s easy to fall into frustration, despair, and self-pity. I know cause I’ve had many of those parties and they never accomplish much except to take me a step back.

In order to create lasting change and growth, it’s important to let go of our old reasons and excuses, and this is more easily accomplished with total clarity of the situation (and deep self-inquiry). It’s also important to release anger, fear, and anxiety that often underlies those non-beneficial patterns. How can you implement change in your life in a way that increases joy and strength and connects you to the higher version of yourself? Finding how can only be done by connecting with your truth, not following what others are doing.

In order to have the vitality to create meaningful change in your life, you need to let go of what keeps your energy bound and unavailable. Unresolved issues, grief, and holding grudges keep us bound to the past with little energy available for present perception and response to the opportunities available to us.

Change doesn’t have to be difficult, it’s usually difficult when we are still holding on to the old and known. But we must really ask ourselves what we are really gaining in the end and if it is really worth it.

To help you through a transition period of inquiry and letting go, Ocean Jasper and Angelite can be beneficial in bringing the right frequencies.

Gemstones For Letting Goocean jasper and angelite gemstones

ocean jasper tumble close upOcean Jasper promotes peace and letting go. It enhances the kind of joy and strength that helps to increase the expression of love in words & actions. It is beneficial in resolving conflicts and in bringing into focus the positive aspects of ones’ life. It helps to cultivate patience, coping with change and remaining grounded.


angelite tumble close upAngelite is beneficial in times of transition. It brings clarity, higher intuition & wisdom & helps you connect with higher realms. It also helps to dispel anger, fear & anxiety & turn those emotions into faith. It can allow you to speak your truth more easily.

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