From crystal gong baths to sound meditations to shamanic journeying, there is an increasing number of beautiful sound meditation experiences to be explored in the greater Vancouver area.

If you’re new to sound meditation, you might be surprised by the many ways you can bring sound into your meditative and spiritual practices.

Sound meditations come in all shapes. Some teachers offer a guided meditation over live music, some incorporate medicines like burning sage or palo santo and some include singing and chanting to help people experience the deep, healing vibration of sound.

If you’re in the Greater Vancouver area, here are three (highly recommended) sound experiences to check out:

1 – Intimate Chakra Opening. Part guided meditation and part sound journey, the meditation and chakra healings at Liberate Your True Self in Port Moody are a beautiful invitation to explore sound healing meditation in an intimate group setting. Led by teacher Amelie, you can expect a very authentic, grounded teaching in a sacred space with around 10 people or less. During the meditation, Amelie does an energy clearing for each person, and will share personal insights with each person who attends. Check out the next one here.

2 – Kirtan: EnChant, featured in the photo here, is a monthly community gathering of open-minded souls for call and response chanting, also known as Kirtan. The practice of Kirtan is a type of yoga/sound meditation which is said to offer many mind-calming benefits. For many, the practice has a powerful heart-opening effect and it is best understood through direct experience (hint, hint). The voices of the group are accompanied by traditional instruments such as the Harmonium, Mridanga (drum), and Kartals (hand cymbals). EnChant is a warm community, and definitely worth exploring if you love the mysterious sounds of Indian music. Gatherings happen regularly- check the schedule here.

3 – Sound Quest: The talented Mike Read of Sound Quest offers many sound bath and sound meditation, usually located at HeartQuest on Commercial Drive. With a background in both music and shamanic medicine, Mike’s gift is to help people relax the nervous system and enter a state of deeper inner connection.  You can expect a beautiful sensory experience as you let the vibrations calibrate your well being. Check this site for the latest events.

These are three of the experiences that we have explored and highly recommend, but there are MANY more happening around the Lower Mainland, including the regular Gong Baths and music meditations at Yoga Union in Delta.

If you’ve been to a sound meditation or sound healing you’d recommend, let Monica know about it! You can reach out with a comment on our Instagram here. Beyond sound meditation, BC offers a diverse and beautiful range of spiritual and wellness experiences. Take a look at these upcoming BC Meditation Retreats and these upcoming Yoga Retreats in BC.

This guest article is written by Monica Krake, founder of Head + Heart, your go-to spiritual and wellness resource and online calendar. Find events, retreats, teachers, tips and community to support your journey from the head to the heart. @headplusheart

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