Mystic Incense – Jabou

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Burning spiritual incense sticks is an effective way to release stress, encourage balance, and breathe new life into old routines. It can be challenging to make time for ourselves and escape from the busy pace of everyday life. Burning essential oil is a pleasant sensory experience that people have valued from ancient time. This practice is being revived more and more as people realize how important it is to attend to often neglected aspects of well being, such as mental and spiritual clarity.

Jabou mystic incense is made from pure and natural essential oils. Made in Canada according to ancient traditions. These high-quality incenses have a very pleasant smell and create an atmosphere of purity and freshness that will last long after the incense has done burning.

Each package contains 20 sticks. Burn time is approximately 60 minutes.

Concentration: its blend favors increased concentration and psychic power. It raises spiritual vibrations and helps in the materialization of a project or undertaking.

Clairvoyance: its blend favors the balance of energy currents. It also aids in remembering our dreams more clearly, especially those which are prophetic and clairvoyant.

Yoga: its blend favors meditation, helps concentration in keeping one’s posture without moving, and contributes to mental calmness.

Meditation: its blend favors deep meditation, introspection, and interiorization.


  • Light the coated end of the stick with a match or lighter. Let the flame burn for a few seconds. Gently blow out the flame.
  • The incense stick must stand in a fire-proof incense burner such as an incense plate, bowl or cup packed with rice, sand, or sea salt. You can use any fireproof container including a ceramic cup, metal bowl, or soapstone dish.