Sense of purpose of the Orange Aura personality type

To live their creative potential with pleasure and enjoyment. Creates new paths and ideas to shape reality for self and humanity.

Inner drive: Confidence and courage

Measure of success: The extent to which dreams and visions are fulfilled

Orange Aura’s spiritual connection

Has more of a conceptual and physical perception of a higher power. Experience peace and bliss through their adventures or creative projects.

Physical aspects of the Orange Aura type

Active and prefers thrilling individual activities.

Best types of exercise: Action oriented, surfing, mountain climbing, racing and horseback riding.

The Orange Aura type’s mental features

Creative and intelligent with unique abilities, productive, ambitious, likes challenges and control.

Emotional qualities of the Orange Aura personality type

Confident, positive, curious, independent, and self-sufficient.

Interaction: Not bound by social rules, can often be pushy and forceful.

Characteristics of the Orange type’s relationships

Enjoys meeting new people and has difficulty to maintaining relationships. Few close friends. Independent individuals.

Intimacy: Fun and pleasureful. Attractive to partners and little interest in long-term commitments.

Qualities and abilities of the Orange Aura personality

Hands-on project management and integrates conceptual thinking and physical skills well.

Careers: Designer, developer, architect, stunt person, business manager, sales and marketing, firefighter/EMT, bounty hunter, private investigator, entrepreneur

Best ways for the Red Aura type to recharge and revitalize

It happens naturally when the physical and emotional energies are in touch. Enjoy life and let go.

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Based off Aura Mastery Color Test – Inneractive