Sense of purpose of the Red Aura personality type

To create something valuable and important in life and to demonstrate power, strength, and human vitality.

Inner drive: A sense of being strong, alive, survival instinct, and drive to win.

Measure of success: Victories and extent of personal power.

Red Aura’s spiritual connection

Tangible, grounded in reality, and seeking excitement and vitality in spirituality.

Physical aspects of the Red Aura type

Stamina, strength, and a need for physical activity to stay in-power.

Best types of exercise: Active and competitive sports like football and basketball, professional sports, running, body-building.

The Red Aura type’s mental features

Literal thinker, strong will-power, competitive, energetic, optimistic, individual, and original

Emotional qualities of the Red Aura type

Confident, powerful and dominant personality, honest, and loyal / In the negative polarity : explosive temper, anger

Interaction: Stimulating personality, fun to be with, can be impulsive and explosive.

Characteristics of the Red type’s relationships

Enjoys long-term friendship and expresses emotions and feelings naturally. Likes to be the center of attention.

Intimacy: Passionate, honest, loyal partner, and difficulty with permanent commitment.

Qualities and abilities of the Red Aura personality

Goal-oriented, leadership skills, and competitive.

Careers: Active and stimulating jobs with possibility to succeed and win. Police officer, bodyguard, boxer, heavy equipment operator, military personnel, professional athlete, surgeon, entrepreneur, farmer

Best ways for the Red Aura type to recharge and revitalize

Balance physical and emotional energy, and actively relax.

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Based off Aura Mastery Color Test – Inneractive