Sense of purpose of the Yellow Aura personality type

Bring joy to others, haves fun, be creative and inspires others.

Inner drive: Joy and optimism

Measure of success: Ability to inspire others to laugh and live

Yellow Aura’s spiritual connection

Sees evidence of higher power everywhere and integrates intellect and spirituality well.

Physical aspects of the Yellow Aura type

Health conscious, youthful appearance, and tendency for addictive behaviors.

Best types of exercise: Regular outdoor physical activity, sports, cycling, jogging, surfing, swimming, and dancing

The Yellow Aura type’s mental features

Thinker, intelligent, analytical, need to be active, creative and humorous / In the negative polarity : superficial, never wants to grow up.

Emotional qualities of the Yellow Aura personality type

Easy-going nature, playful, optimistic, happy nature, spontaneous/ In the negative polarity : can have addiction issues and fears commitment.

Interaction: Powerful personality, positive energy, and enjoys large social groups.

Characteristics of the Yellow type’s relationships

Good friend, very social, and brings people together. Independent individuals. In the negative polarity : can be self-centered.

Intimacy: Flirtatious; loving, sensitive, and fun. Very sexual. Can have commitment issues.

Qualities and abilities of the Yellow Aura personality

Combined physical/mental skills, inventive, playful and a motivator of others.

Careers: Athlete, comedian, artist, personal fitness trainer, computer engineer, doctor, massage therapist, physical therapist, nutritionist, cook, flight attendant, mechanic, and travel guide

Best ways for the Yellow Aura type to recharge and revitalize

Meditation, Tai Chi, Qui Gong, and activities that connect physical energy to universal energy flow.

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Based off Aura Mastery Color Test – Inneractive