Sense of purpose of the Indigo Aura personality type

To follow a higher truth, help others, and live life with unconditional love.

Inner drive: Intuition, deep feelings, sensitivity, peace, and calm.

Measure of success: Ability to speak from the heart and express inner-feelings with love and passion.

Indigo Aura’s spiritual connection

Aware and conscious of your deep inner spirituality.

Physical aspects of the Indigo Aura type

A sensitive physical energy, high integrity, introverted, androgynous features, authentic, meditative.

Best types of exercise: Activities that offer balance, like walking, dancing and spiritual exercise.

The Indigo Aura type’s mental features

Higher vision, higher mind, intuitive, creative and clear thinking.

Emotional qualities of the Indigo Aura personality type

Deeply sensitive, loving personality, loyal, honest, devoted, with a need to express feelings.

Interaction: Communicates clearly and with a loving tone.

Characteristics of the Indigo type’s relationships

They follow their own inner rules, not society’s, few close friends.

Romantic: Caring, deep, heartfelt and spiritual connections.

Intimacy: Divine experience with a close partner, deep, loyal, and faithful.

Qualities and abilities of the Indigo Aura personality

Clear thinker with strong intuition, in harmony with beliefs, and a service to others.

Careers: Teacher, artist, social worker, writer, human resource specialist, horticulturist, counsellor, childcare worker.

Best ways for the Indigo Aura type to recharge and revitalize

Activities that help connect with spirituality and meditation, music, and journeys to sacred places.

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Based off Aura Mastery Color Test – Inneractive