Sense of purpose of the Violet Aura personality type

Reach a large audience to teach, transform, and make positive changes in the world.

Inner drive: Express and realize your visionary ideals; lead and inspire others.

Measure of success: The extent to which you live your vision, the number of people you reach.

Violet Aura’s spiritual connection

You feel connected to universal life energy and you sense the unity of earth and spirit. Your connection is mystical.

Physical aspects of the Violet Aura type

A charismatic presence – inspirational, magnetic, innovative, powerful, yet sensitive.

Best types of exercise: You need activity that combines physical and mental skills, like tennis or yoga.

The Violet Aura type’s mental features

A visionary thinker – Wise, intelligent, intuitive, artistic.

Emotional qualities of the Violet Aura personality type

Sensitive, compassionate, independent, passion fascination, unconventional / In the negative polarity : sense of guilt, sometimes aloof.

Interaction: Direct yet mystical, dynamic, healing energy, and uplifting.

Characteristics of the Violet type’s relationships

Can be or seem anti-social, humanitarians, desire to inspire and motivate society.

Romantic : Committed, passionate, focused, demanding, your partner must share your vision.

Intimacy: Passionate with a strong sex drive and tantric union.

Qualities and abilities of the Violet Aura personality

Unconventional, creative ideas, innovative, and independent.

Careers: Performer, artist, psychologist, teacher, healer, inventor, minister, and lawyer.

Best ways for the Violet Aura type to recharge and revitalize

Meditation, mind and physical energy healing techniques, music, feminine and masculine integration.

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Based off Aura Mastery Color Test – Inneractive