Sense of purpose of the Blue Aura personality type

To serve mankind and show others how to love one another.

Inner drive: For peace and harmony within, and to give and receive love and support.

Measure of success: The amount of care and compassion shared.

Blue Aura’s spiritual connection

Great faith and trust in higher power, prayer, and faith are very important.

Physical aspects of the Blue Aura type

Relaxed, casual, quietly active, may tire easily.

Exercise: Walking, bicycling, water activities, spiritual exercises

The Blue Aura type’s mental features

Balanced, calm thinker, empathetic, content / In the negative polarity : difficulty establishing boundaries and saying, “No”.

Emotional qualities of the Blue Aura personality type

Most emotional of all personalities, loving, caring, trusting, patient, and compassionate / In the negative polarity : easily hurt, self-pity.

Interaction: Soft-spoken, personal, intimate, and harmonious.

Characteristics of the Blue type’s relationships

Supportive, giving, family oriented, and a relationship builder. Caring relationships are essential.

Intimacy: Need of a deep emotional bond with partner.

Qualities and abilities of the Blue Aura personality

Helpful and caring of others, giving, and a rescuer.

Careers: Nurse, homemaker, astrologer, family therapist, clergy, welfare worker, caretaker, and personal assistant.

Best ways for the Blue Aura type to recharge and revitalize

Having peaceful personal time, beach, meditation and prayer, and visits to spiritual places.

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Based off Aura Mastery Color Test – Inneractive