Sense of purpose of the Yellow-Brown Aura personality type

To experience life in details and to be emotionally open and sensitive.

Inner drive: Mental pleasure and creativity, detailed work and results.

Measure of success: How precise, detailed, and perfect they think and perform.

Yellow-Brown Aura’s spiritual connection

The study of higher wisdom,spiritual laws and order. God is thought.

Physical aspects of the Yellow-Brown Aura type

Grounded, focused on own reality, physical stamina, determination, endurance, form and shape physical reality, creative.

Best types of exercise: Jogging, bicycling, swimming

The Yellow-Brown Aura type’s mental features

Logical, analytical, intellectual, detail-oriented, patterns, order, structure, stability / In the negative polarity : stubborn, single-minded.

Emotional qualities of the Yellow-Brown Aura personality type

Emotional strength, stability, patience, mental playfulness / In the negative polarity : emotional suppression, conservative, control, withdrawn.

Interaction: Cautious, prefers safe environment and life, love discussions.

Characteristics of the Yellow-Brown type’s relationships

Community service, close to family, friends, deep commitments.

Intimacy: Loyal, secure, stable partners, conservative habits and customs.

Qualities and abilities of the Yellow-Brown Aura personality

Very precise in work and expression, conservative and conventional. Detailed communication, think first then talk.

Careers: Supervision, middle management, precise problem-solving.

Best ways for the Yellow-Brown Aura type to recharge and revitalize

Mental relaxation, focus, connect with their intuition, trust inner feelings and guidance.

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Based off Aura Mastery Color Test – Inneractive