Keeping a journal will help you to relieve the emotional stress you are facing in your everyday life. It will also help you track your emotional triggers.

What got you upset during the day? Did you notice keywords or a specific environment that triggered the emotional stress? Keeping a journal might be the best way to dig deeper into your emotional turmoil and record your healing progress.

Unless you bring a core belief of yourself up into the light, it is harder to understand why we do or think in a particular way. These core beliefs are usually hidden in our subconscious mind, directing our everyday action and reaction without us knowing.

As you reflect on your day and on the emotions you felt through the day, you will be better equipped to understand how and why you react to certain events and it will help you change what is not serving well.

Benefits of journaling for health

1. It helps you clear your mind. It helps you be more observant of your experience and eventually helps you understand situations from another perspective.

2. It helps you express your thoughts. The more you express your thoughts, the more clarity you might find in your emotional state.

3. It helps you learn from your experience. So you can avoid making the same mistakes again.


Tips to get started

1. Make a ritual out of it. Dedicate a specific time every day when you won’t be disturbed. You can even light a candle or put light music on to make it a special moment.

2. Consistency is key. Take the time to write every day, even for just 5 minutes. Making a routine out of journaling will get you better results than longer pieces once in a while.

3. Write for yourself. Don’t worry about grammar, sentence structure or anything that might stop the flow of your writing.

4. Find a tool you will enjoy. If you prefer to write on paper, buy yourself a nice notebook that will inspire you. If you prefer using an electronic device, there are many options available. You can use your phone or a website such as

5. Other resources around journaling. If you are looking for a practice to connect with yourself and to increase your level of inspiration and creativity, you may be interested in reading The Artist Way. One of the base practices explored in the book is writing 3 pages every morning about anything and everything. It’s like a big brain dump so your mind is cleared up for the day.

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