Last month I touched on the subject of interconnectedness and would like to expand from there. Does knowing we are all connected change anything for you? For me, knowing that we all touch the same ground and breathe the same air, fills me with a sense of unity. Like each cell of a body, we have a unique purpose and function, contributing to the health of the whole and forming a defined organism.

When some of the cells are being attacked or weakened, part of the body cannot function optimally. This, in turn, affects the whole being. Most of us can survive a cold, but I don’t know anyone who likes to feel weak and achy. And if most of your body is in a weakened state of health, you are usually limited in some shape or form by that weakened state.

Recognizing the sacred essence in others

What if we could view every individual like a cell in our body, recognizing the sacred essence and purpose in every being? What if we could respect everyone, no matter where in the world they reside or how they live their life? I’m pretty sure that if you are reading this you have an open mind, but I want to take it further. Because as open-minded and loving as I am, it is difficult not to hold judgment over people I feel are hurtful and deceitful.

That doesn’t mean I need to agree with their way of living. I will never agree to physical, verbal, and psychological mistreatment of any sort. However, recognizing the sacred essence in everyone also include the ones that may have forgotten their own.

Understanding that when every cell of the body is nourished, loved and supported, the whole being thrives. What if in recognizing everyone’s (including our own) sacred essence we could restore society’s health and the planet.

I know that in life it’s necessary to navigate around people who don’t share our values and that it’s not always easy to do so. Yet, focusing on our path and purpose is all we can really do. As white and red blood cells have different purposes, both are needed and so are others who may hold different perspectives than ours. We are all trying to find our way on the path of life.

How to have more compassion

Having compassion for ‘bad’ people is not an easy task. Nobody wants to be a victim. And when there is a victim there is usually a perpetrator as well, right? The thing is we usually look at the cause and effect in a very simplistic and linear fashion, but human inter-dynamics are not so black and white.

This subject alone could be dived in over many blog posts and I want to do it the justice it requires. However, for this article, I’d like you to recall a time when you were the victim and a time when you were the perpetrator. Try to observe both memories from the perspective of an observer.  Try to be removed as much as possible from a specific emotional state. Can you see how there are many nuances involved? Can you see how the victim might have brought this upon themselves or how hurt the perpetrator might be acting from?

If the recalling exercise is too difficult, I’d like to invite you to explore a past-life where you might have been the ‘bad’ person, the perpetrator or the instigator. The goal of recalling these events is to change our perspective. How can we view a situation from a different angle? How can we get a bigger picture?

You can access a past-life guided meditation here from my friend Brad :

Please be warned that this could be a profound experience. Make sure you feel this is something you are able to do on your own.

I dream of…

I dream of a society where everyone feels they belong, feels acknowledged and respected. A society where everyone’s basic needs and even healthy desires are met. A society where the people and the planet comes before the profits. I dream of a planet that can thrive and give generously without being depleted at an exponential rate. I dream of transparency, integrity, accessible knowledge, equitable opportunity, resource sustainability, and most importantly inner peace and harmony.

I know it may seem like a big dream. Yet, this dream is possible and has been knocking at the door of our hearts for some time now. If I can dream this for my own wellbeing, I can also dream it for the wellbeing of the planet. It’s a matter of healing and shifting our inner reality which will have a ripple effect in our outer world.

Will you join me?

If you would like to join me in a personal challenge for the week, I’d like to challenge us to acknowledge the sacred essence in everyone that crosses our path, no matter how we feel about their personality, way of life or opinions.

Will you try this personal challenge with me?

how to have more compassion

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Photo by Ezra Comeau Jeffrey