Why I Stopped ‘trying’ to be Positive

Scale of emotion chartOk, let me clearer on that title. I’m not saying you should be negative or stay in your rut, but I believe we should let ourselves feel what we are feeling at every moment.

When I try to jump from a negative emotion to a positive emotion, I am telling that emotion that is has no place, no purpose and that it’s wrong.

Instead, I should acknowledge that emotion for guiding me. For letting me know how I truly feel about something. For showing me what I want and what I no longer desire in my life.

When I take the time to be with my emotions, no matter what they are, I give them the attention they need. I recognize their gift. And when I can be grateful for their guidance, I can start moving up the ladder of emotions (Ref. Esther & Jerry Hicks). As I move from a low vibration emotion to a higher vibration emotion, I make room for perceptions to shift and for situations to change.

Having self-love and compassion is accepting all of who I am, without negating any part myself.

Of course, I’m not saying I should stay in that negative emotion. If I want to grow and expand, my goal is to move towards ‘feel good’ emotions. But I believe that can be reached more easily when I stop resisting was is and how I truly feel.

As I pay more attention to my emotions, I am being guided towards my true self and my soul’s desire.

I understand what I must release in my life. I understand the steps I need to take.

A powerful question to ask myself is: When and where have I felt that emotion before? (Ref. Teal Swan)

Is there something from my past I need to heal?

And if you feel you need help, the type of energy healing I do is to bring forward those emotions that have been denied and stuffed away.

As I uncover what they are, you can finally acknowledge them and let them go. This work rapidly release what you are ready to let go of without needed to go back in the past and try to do the work cognitively.


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